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Make a difference in someone’s life at CH.

Are you looking for a job with true purpose and meaning? Do you enjoy a good challenge and making a big difference in the lives of people and the community?  Does the idea of putting a dent in the healthcare universe get you excited?  If you answered yes to the above, then you have found the right place. To learn more about our company’s philosophy, view The CH Way video below. 


Why Do 1,200 People Love Working at CH?  It’s “The CH Experience”

“Two road diverged in the woods and I
Took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference”
- Robert Frost

Healthcare stands at a “fork in the road;” one path is the old way of doing things marked by care which is fragmented and complex, unaffordable and difficult to access.

The other path, although less traveled, is one that CH began to blaze 25 years ago, one that speaks to the “CH EXPERIENCE.

  • Healthcare that is simple – without complexity
  • Healthcare that is affordable – without compromising quality
  • Healthcare that is accessible – without barriers

In summary, a “CH EXPERIENCE” that results in problems being solved and new ones being avoided; healthcare that is better because it “walks the walk.”

Patients are ready for a different path.  Employers must change roads to remain competitive.  We are ready to lead that change.



Coordindated Health teams have been pioneers of process innovation that drives an integrated presence over the continuum of care – something we call “THE CH WAY.”

THE CH WAY” speaks to performance enabled by employers participation in the healthcare management of their employees.  Performance that produces cost savings.  Performance that results in increased productivity, earlier recovery and retention of employees.

Long ago we took the road less traveled and it has made a difference.  We have shown that when integrated care replaces fragmented care, value is delivered – patients feel better and employers see results.

This less traveled road, however exciting, is challenging – and must be traveled together – because when we all work together, everything is possible!


Check out our Mission + Culture page to learn more about why people love CH!