Patient Education March 29, 2017

Spring Allergies Are Here

Spring is in the air, which means flowers are in bloom, birds are chirping and warmer weather is finally here. However, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, spring may take on a whole new meaning. ...

By: Hannah Ropp
Jalen Simpson representing the ND Crusaders with confidence! 🏈 #CHaotw @ClubNDGP

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Patient Education April 19, 2017

Common Causes of Night Pain in the Shoulder

More than 4 million patients seek care for shoulder pain annually in the U.S., many of them suffering from pain throughout the night. This pain can range from mild to excruciating, and it is almost ...

Patient Education April 18, 2017

Finding Your “Sole” mate

It can be tempting to shop for a deal when it comes to footwear, but investing in quality shoes can benefit your wallet and overall health. For many people, shoes are a fashion statement. However, ...

Patient Education April 13, 2017

Birth Control Options for Every Lifestyle

Not your Parent’s Birth Control Birth control for women has come a long way over the years. But, with so many options to choose from, what’s the best method for you? Coordinated Health ...

Patient Education April 10, 2017

Protect Your Young Athletes Shoulder

As the weather warm up, youth athletes are focusing their attention on spring sports. Most spring sports involve some sort of throwing motion, which places the shoulder at particular risk. Any youth ...

Patient Stories March 23, 2017

Achilles Rupture Injury

Melanie Strange was delighted to play in a recreational volleyball league, but an injury ended up sidelining her. Thanks to Coordinated Health Orthopedic surgeon Jason Rudolph, MD. Though Bethlehem ...