Healthcare Coordinated Around YOU

At Coordinated Health we are simplifying the delivery of healthcare for a better patient experience.  Our patients and employers have told us that when you have have pain or an injury,  you simply need 3 things to get you back to doing what you love quickly:

1)  Immediate access to an integrated team of experts

2) Consistently high quality and affordable care through a customized treatment plan that integrates seamlessly into your everyday life

3) A caring team who will put you at ease and treat you like you’re a member of their family

Our Coordinated Health (CH) Specialty Teams are uniquely integrated to simply and easily provide you with those 3 things to give you the best possible experience.  

Immediate access:  At CH we’ve focused our expertise in core specialties (musculoskeletal/orthopedics, women’s health, and primary care) so that we can provide you with immediate access to a highly-trained team of experts who can quickly coordinate all elements of care around you. With 80+ specialized physicians and surgeons working out of 16 locations, we can provide you with unmatched access in the region –  same day appointments in an office conveniently located near you.  

Higher quality at a lower cost:   Our teams of surgeons and physicians integrate seamlessly with our expert radiologists and physical therapists to quickly create a customized treatment plan that will integrate seamlessly into your everyday life.  Our state-of-the-art facilities offer all the necessary diagnosis and treatment equipment in one place, including diagnostic testing and physical therapy.  Our locations, physicians, services and hospitals are all linked through a single, integrated network. Your health records are always available – no matter which of our locations you receive services or see your doctor.  

Limiting the number of specialties that we support also provides you with higher quality and safety.  When teams  perform the same procedures on a consistent basis, it allows them to remove the opportunities for error and inefficiency – which for you means fewer complications, lower infection rates, and better outcomes at a lower cost.

A caring team:  The hundreds of patient testimonials that we receive consistently use words like, “cherished, caring, respected, and dedicated” to describe how they feel when they meet with a CH team.   Our teams love what they do and it shows in the type of care that we provide to our patients.   

Come to CH and see how we’re doing things differently to give you a consistently better experience.  Because when your care is truly coordinated, anything is possible.

Coordinated Health – we’re BETTER. TOGETHER. with you.