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Our goal is to provide you with the best-ever healthcare experience, including simplified payments and transparency with each step of the payment process.

You can choose one of four ways to pay:

Online: Pay your bill from your bank account through our payment portal. Patients don’t need to register for the portal in order to pay.

By Phone: Our Solutions Center is always open to help you: 610 861 6348

In Person: Pay by credit card or check at the location where you received treatment

By Mail: Coordinated Health, Box 826348, Philadelphia, PA 19182-6348

Understanding Provider-Based Billing

In 2011, Coordinated Health was recognized as a provider-based—or hospital-based—healthcare network. The standard model of all large, integrated healthcare networks, this classification means:

All of our locations are now held to the same high standards and regulations of a hospital
Each of our local clinics are regarded by the government as departments of our central hospital
Under the provider-based model, Coordinated Health is required to split patient bills into two: one bill for the facility and the other for the physician or other healthcare professional. The bills are then submitted separately to your insurance company.

Previously, these fees had been combined into one bill to include both professional charges and charges for facilities, supplies and other overhead.

Depending on the particular insurance coverage, some patients may pay more for certain services than they would at a non-provider based clinic. Patients should review their insurance benefits or contact us to learn what their policy will pay and what out-of-pocket expenses they may incur.

We have evaluated our facility fees against other hospital-based networks in the Lehigh Valley and in most cases, our facility fees are significantly less than those of our competitors.

Through our highly coordinated approach to healthcare, integrated through our teams, proprietary systems and processes, our priority is to always provide our patients and communities with the highest value in care: satisfaction and quality at an affordable rate. Regardless of new regulations or policy, we will continue to be in the business of taking great care of patients.

We welcome your feedback. Please call our Solutions Center at 610 861 6348 with any questions or concerns.

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