Coordinated Health
Imaging services are a necessary part of your medical care regardless of where your doctor practices. You have the power to make a choice in your health...

No. 1 in the Region

Coordinated Health has the largest imaging and diagnostic center in the region, enhanced with $40 million in state-of-the-art technology. Our exceptional imaging team administers MRI, CT scan, x-ray (including dual energy) and vascular ultrasound exams that are closely analyzed by our radiologists, with the results explained to patients in simple terms. 


Coordinated Health is popular among those who had previously considered scans and other imaging services uncomfortable. Our units provide ample room, including a wide-bore MRI, which is helpful for those who may be claustrophobic or need more space. Patients can bring their own music and speak directly with Coordinated Health technologists throughout the imaging process.


Imaging services are available each day—with expanded evening and weekend hours—at eight Coordinated Health locations.

Coordinated Health Imaging is part of a regional healthcare network, giving you the power of choice; we welcome those with physicians inside or outside Coordinated Health.

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