Andrew Connor FMS, CSCS

Performance Trainer

3 Patient Stories
Andrew Connor FMS, CSCS
Performance Trainer

Andrew, also known as AJ, instills independence and leadership qualities through the use of positivity, support, and educational coaching of functional exercise to promote injury prevention and a quality of life to his clients. Throughout his career, he has learned to forge special relationships with each client as an energetic and empathetic coach. Prior to Coordinated Health, Andrew has experience in personal training in New Jersey, collegiate strength and conditioning training, research assistance at the Kessler Hospital for Spinal Cord Injury Research, and volunteer work with special needs children. Andrew’s professional philosophy is to bring positive, energetic, and challenging educational experience to his clients and himself while enhancing the overall experience. Outside of Coordinate Health, Andrew is an avid sports fan and a faithful Rutgers Scarlet Knight! Andrew received his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at Rutgers University. Andrew is a National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Strength Coach, he also has certifications in Functional Movement System and Occupro Industrial Rehab. 

3 Testimonials
Great people, better service
“ I came to Coordinated Health 2 years ago because I had constant back pains. I play soccer and it always hurt when I ran. I worked with Kevin and Rich who helped me strengthen my hamstrings which were pulling on my back and making it hurt. They gave me exercises which I still use today. I also received wrist surgery one year ago and needed to get back in shape as soon as I could. I worked with AJ (Andrew) to help me get back in shape. After telling him my goals, he put together a work out plan for me which helped me out a lot. Everyone who works at Coordinated Health really care about the patients. My experience at Coordinated inspired me to become a Physical Therapist and that is what I will be studying next year when I go off to college. In all, Coordinated Health is just a great, friendly, and helpful atmosphere. ”
Gabe B. from Brodheadsville, PA
Beyond Expectations
“ Two years ago, while playing volleyball, I began to lose feeling in my feet, to have cramps in my calves, and to have trouble doing physical activities. I found out that I had compartment syndrome. I saw a few doctors who recommended surgery, but I didn't feel surgery was for me, so the doctor prescribed physical therapy. After meeting Rich and his team, I knew this was an issue that could be resolved through consistent hard work. After a few weeks, I reached all the goals set for me and I was ready to start the next step. This is when I met AJ (Andrew).The first session AJ evaluated me to find areas of strengths and weaknesses. From there he created a specific program based on my evaluation and goals. Each session AJ pushed me to my limits, while keeping me motivated. You can tell in every session that he puts lots of thought into bettering his patient and even incorporating clever ideas he has. He also shared so much knowledge of how muscles work and how the body works in general. This really helped me understand myself better. Because of AJ's work out program and all the things he has taught me, I have become a better person and athlete. ”
Allison M. from Kunkletown, PA
My Life Is Better Due to Andrew!
“ Andrew became my trainer 18 months ago and my life is better because of him. When I met Andrew, I was very unhealthy and needed to make changes in my life. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that Andrew saved my life. He taught me how to eat right, how to get results, how to be proud of my accomplishments, and how to live a healthy, fit life. 100 lbs gone, healthy, and now running 5k races. Life is good!!! I had been a patient of CH in the past, but with Andrew it was different. His knowledge of the human body is staggering. Even though he trained me, there were days that I just needed to be stretched. I've had 4 knee surgeries, surgery on my thigh due to Stage 1 Melanoma, and plastic surgery on my ankle, but that never mattered because I always walked out of there feeling like a new person. Not only has he helped me, but he helped my son. My son, Tanner, had a bad hamstring strain and was going into his senior year of high school. While being the starting tight end on the football team, we were concerned that he wouldn't be ready to play. After speaking with Andrew about Tanner, not once did he say, "I'll try to get him back." He said, "Don't worry, I will make sure he is back and better than before when camp starts." True to his word, Tanner went into football camp in the best condition ever. He shaved seconds off his 40 yard dash along with his shuttle run and broad jump. I was amazed, but yet again, Andrew transformed me too, so I had no reason to fear. Tanner had a great season with not one issue with his hamstring and I am healthier than I have ever been, with no issues with my knee or thigh. So many words come to my mind when I think of Andrew. Compassionate , motivating, inspiring, and dedicated, just to name a few. Andrew is the best there is!!!!! ”
Ann Marie P. from Gilbert , PA
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