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Jason Smith, MD

Dr. Jason Smith is a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician specializing in interventional spine and sports medicine. An Easton, Pennsylvania, resident, he has served as team physician for several New Jersey high school football teams.


Morehouse College
Bachelor of Science - Biology
Atlanta, GA, 2003


Rutgers University – University College
Pre-Medical Education
New Brunswick, NJ 2005

Medical School

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Doctorate of Medicine
Newark, NJ, 2009


Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Preliminary Intern – Internal Medicine
Livingston, NJ, 2010


Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
Edison, NJ, 2013

Chief Resident

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
Edison, NJ, 2013


Coordinated Health
Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine Fellowship
Bethlehem, PA 2014

Services Provided

10 Testimonials
FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“ I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding services I have received from your staff within the last few years . I recently had the good fortune to be attended to by Dr. Jason Smith for a neck condition.The employees and physicians I interacted with, especially most recently with Dr .Jason Smith and his staff, were very knowledgeable and professional regarding my needs and concerns.and seemed genuinely interested in helping me . Because of their efforts, I was able to find exactly what I needed and I am very satisfied with my medical care at your facilities and staff. I will continue to visit your facilities in the future for all my medical needs and recommend it to others. Please let Dr.Jason Smith, as well as the other Medical professionals know that their efforts did not go unnoticed. You have put together a great team that makes patients feel respected and valued. Sincerely, STANLEY KOZINSKI ”
STANLEY K. from Stockertown, PA
The begining of the road
“ I originally went in for shoulder pain, with Dr. Melgari (who is no long with Coordinated health but good Dr.) after I started having numbness in my hand and fingers I was sent to Dr. Smith, He was and still is upfront and honest with Me and probably everyone he deals with. I had one shot last December that took care of my pain for 8 months before the pain came back. I went back to Dr. Smith for a second shot. Though it did not work for me, he recommended I go see Dr. Wagner, I appreciated his honesty with me and even telling me the shots will only prolong the possibility of needing surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Smith and all at Coordinated health. After all the all the patient stories I heard about Dr. Wagner I can't wait to see him and hopefully my pain and numbness will finally go away. ”
John D. from Nazareth, Pa
Some relief
“ I came into Coordinated health with shoulder pain I saw one of the orthopedic Drs who is no longer there, He had me go for an Xray and determined it was my neck, my T1-C7 that was giving me problems. He sent me to see Dr. Smith, Dr. Smith was very supportive and listened to what I had to say, He gave me my first shot, December of 2014, it lasted until August of this year, then when the pain came back and the numbness started in both hands I didn't hesitate and went right back to Dr. Smith who recommended a second shot, which I got in September of this year, it didn't work, when I told him that he told me up front that my neck is bad and the shots were only going to prolong my meeting with Dr. Wagener, which is coming up. I appreciated his frankness and willingness to tell me the truth, he cared, that meant a lot to me. Thank you. I will be writing more reviews I am sure. ”
John D. from Nazareth, Pa
Smith and CH staff saved my back
“ I had suffered a herniated disc during track season and Dr. Jason Smith and the whole staff had helped me more than I ever could imagine on getting back to normal . At times when I thought my back would never get better they were there for support and for that I owe them the world . I would highly recommend Dr. Smith and the whole staff for anyone going through a smilar injury. Oh and it doesn't hurt that Dr. Smith is just a cool guy overall. ”
Reginaldo R. from Bethlehem, Pa
My visits are always helping me
“ Dr Smith is a very honest and straight forward Dr with his explanations and procedures  ”
John G. from Bangor, Pa
My Surgery
“ Dr Stoll Dr Jason Smith Dr Wagner Jennifer Kaplin thank you for helping me with all my pain issues, your honest professional advice, and for my pain mgt. I pray I get better and with this team of Great Professional Medical Doctors and Jennifer I can only expect the best moving forward Thank each and every one of you John Gerbino ”
John G. from Bangor, Pa
I had almost give up on CH
“ After negative experiences with 3 other physician's at CH, I finally saw Dr. Smith. He and his team are exceptional. He restored my faith in CH. He is compassionate, thorough. He prescribed medication that is non-narcotic that treated the inflammation causing me great pain and almost immobility. He ordered tests to rule-out and/or confirm previous studies findings that other doctors at CH did not discuss with me. I highly recommend Dr. Smith. He is exceptional! He restores my faith in CH and doctors overall. I can't thank Dr. Smith enough for his treatment and compassion. ”
Tanean S. from Nazareth, Pa
Great Doctor
“ I saw Dr. Smith for a problem with my lower back. He is fantastic. He is so kind and takes time to answer all of your questions. Actually cares about his patients. Great experience, I would highly recommend him to anyone. ”
Allison G. from Bethlehem, PA
My Neck and Arm Pain Vanished!
“ This year I got a neck injury while operating machinery. I went to Coordinated Health after home remedies did not work. Dr. Jason Smith and staff helped me through medication and epidural shots. Although that did not work the staff was very gracious to me even after a referral to Dr. C Wagener. After MRI procedure it was decided to perform an ACDF surgery to relieve the pain (and it was conciderable and debilitating). The operation went much more smoothly than I expected with little after operation pain or discomfort . I want to thank Dr. Wagener, his staff, Jen Kapun, CRNP and especially the nursing group at Allentown hospital on Cedar Crest Blvd. ”
Anthony C. from Easton, Pa
Spine Med Therapy Treatment
“ After getting an MRI and going over it with Dr. Smith, his recommendation was to get myself into Decompression Spine Therapy. My Chiropractor had a Spine Med Machine so I booked 6 weeks of spine therapy, and started late December 2015 and went into Feb 2016. Since doing the Decompression therapy, I have NOT had one ounce of pain in my lower back and having a bad back for 40 years, I could not imagine anything that would work to relieve that back pain. To this day, my back has been perfect and having never been in the hospital or ever broke a bone, I can only say that I am so happy and surprised how well this therapy works. Thanks to Dr. Smith for recommending this treatment! ”
James S. from Milford , NJ
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