Ryan Smith, DO

Primary Care

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Ryan Smith, DO
Primary Care
Dr. Smith sees many athletes for minor injuries and illnesses... delivering quality care to the community where he was raised and now lives himself.

“You can accomplish so much more when you work as part of a team," says primary care physician Dr. Ryan Smith. "In our case, that means working with patients, their families, the extended health care team, and athletic teams."   Dr. Smith sees many athletes for minor injuries and illnesses in the office. Originally from the Lehigh Valley, he takes great pride in delivering quality care to the community where he was raised and now lives.

“East Stroudsburg is like “hometown America,” says Smith. “Because EBurg has grown so much, there aren’t many locals left who practice medicine and have returned. Many residents feel like their quality of care isn’t what it used to be, and that they're being treated like just another patient. My practice is very different. The area’s healthcare systems are very clinically fragmented. I coordinate my patient's care and make it easy for them. I do what’s right and send them to the right provider, even if it’s outside of CH.”

“I take a very personalized approach to chronic disease management. Many of the area’s patients need the kind of support that is individualized to their unique needs.

“I believe strongly in a team approach. This applies to how my team at Coordinated Health serve patients in addition to athletes. Our team gets you feeling better and back to your routine faster. It’s that simple.”


Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, B.S., Biology, August 1996-May 2000

Medical School

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, D.O. earned 2004


Osteopathic Internship, St. Luke’s Hospital, Bethlehem, PA., July 2004–June 2005


Family Medicine Residency, St. Luke’s Hospital, Bethlehem, PA., July 2005–June 2007

Services Provided

  • Family Medicine
  • Primary Care
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Took Time to Care
“ I was a walk-in patient at the Wind Gap office this morning and have had a lingering cold and other symptoms for over two weeks. I had no time to visit the doctor so had to opt to bring my 9 month old daughter with me. While filling out paperwork the power went out. I continued to fill out the paperwork and your staff made all the precautions to ensure safe facility operation during the power outage with no generator. Before I could finish the last page, the power was restored. I was taken back and was introduced to Dr. Ryan Smith. Dr. Smith was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He was interacting with my 9 month old and was compassionate that I had to bring her out with me. During my exam, there was an emergency in the other exam room. A member of the nurse staff as well as Dr. Smith stopped into apologize for the delay in the middle of my exam and gave me accurate estimates of when they would get back to me. The issue was so severe they had to call the emergency squad. It was great to see how they took care of the emergency but, still had time to pop in and let me know it would only be a few more minutes and how they were so sorry I had to wait. Obviously, the emergency was more important than my cold/bronchitis symptoms and I was able to rock my daughter to sleep while I waited so she was comfortable. The fact that they continued to check on me while dealing with what could have potentially been a life threatening situation in another room was awesome. I can't think of any other urgent care facility in the area who would have reacted the same. I went to Coordinated Health a few years ago for a knee problem. The interaction with the PT staff and Dr. during that time was awesome. The Dr's are friendly like you are one of their family. Alot of places the Dr's seem like you are a bother to them or they don't have time to deal with everything you want to discuss. Keep up the good work on hiring and I will continue to visit the Wind Gap facility for my needs as required. Thanks so much again to Dr. Smith and the team at Wind Gap today. ”
Joe Conway Was The Best
“ Joe Conway was the best, very respectful, professional, and knowledgable & helpful. Thank you SO much. Ryan (front desk) is #1. Joe, Anthony, Brenda and Jack are all fantastic. I am very pleased with your services you provided and your staff. My therapist, JOE, couldn't have been more helpful. They were friendly, but yet very professional in every manner. They were all very helpful to me. I loved going to therapy. I hated to say Goodbye and I know in my heart, I couldn't have made the same progress anywhere else. Thank you. ”
“ I have a 13 year old daughter for about 9 months was having severe dizziness. We have been at the ER a few times and they diagnosed her with Vertigo. But that was it no offering of any long term solutions. So one night we ended up at the care on demand center for a massive migraine. The PA there was extremely nice and after talking with my daughter suggested that we make an appointment with DR. Ryan Smith and let him access my daughter more intense. So ended up seeing him like 2 days later at 8:30 am. and he absolutely order some tests on my daughter just to make sure everything was ok health wise with her. All tests came back normal. He suggested since she does have Vertigo and feels like crap all the time how about getting her into some physical therapy with coordinated health program. Well my daughter has instant relief after about 3 visits with the therapist. So thank you Dr. Smith as she is now dizzy free ! He made by daughter feel normal again. ”
Samantha P. from East Stroudsburg, PA
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