Scott Stoll, MD

Department Chair Physiatry

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Scott Stoll, MD
Department Chair Physiatry
Dr. Scott Stolll... is focusing his efforts in the area of regeneration and restoration of injured tissue through non-surgical treatment.

Dr. Scott Stoll graduated from University of Colorado and is board certified by the American Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. He is one of the few nationally recognized physicians conducting investigational research using the Palomar Laser. He is currently focusing his efforts in the area of regeneration and restoration of injured tissue through non-surgical treatment.

Dr. Stoll competed in the 1994 Winter Olympics as a member of the US Olympic Bobsled team and is the athletic team physician for Lehigh University and a consultant for the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation. Dr. Stoll can be heard daily in the Lehigh Valley on his radio program Health Minutes.


Colorado State University, Ft Collins, CO, Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences, December 12, 1991

Medical School

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Doctor of Medicine, May 23, 1998


InternshipSaint Joseph Hospital Denver, COInternal Medicine July 1998 - June 1999


University of Colorado, Denver, CO, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, July 1999 - June 2002

Services Provided

  • PRP Injections (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • Prolotherapy
  • Nutritional Consults available
  • Epideral Steriod injections
  • IDD therapy
4 Testimonials
The Best in Spine Care
“ I CANNOT THANK DR.'S WAGENER & STOLL ENOUGH! I WOULD ADVISE SOMEONE TO NOT OVERLY WORRY ABOUT NEEDING EPIDURAL INJECTIONS OR SPINE SURGERY IF YOU ARE IN THEIR CARE! My story is a long one of periods of pain due to degenerative disc disease. Suffice it to say that I have been treated , first by Dr. Scott Stoll (for about 7 years with epidural injections & physical therapy) and 2 weeks ago Dr. Chris Wagener performed surgery on my back. I found that Dr.'s Stoll & Wagener were very similar in some important ways. They are both very intelligent, very knowledgeable/up-to-date, & very caring physicians. I never felt rushed at any appointment & always felt that both of these physicians had my best interest in their minds & hearts.They both "went out of their way" to help me! I would be more happy to talk with any patient about my experiences. ”
Two Thumbs Up
“ I have used CHS over years and I will always recommend. I have had Linda, Chad and Alexander as PT as well as other PT's on rotation Saturdays./ All the PT are professional, informational and nice as well. Dr. Godbout is wonderful and as is Dr. Stoll. 2 thumbs up!!! CHS!!!!!!!!! ”
Dr Stoll
“ My story only covers two days of interacting with Dr Stoll and what a great physician he is! By some miracle, I only had to wait one week to get my initial appointment with him. He walked into the room with the knowledge, the willingness to help me deal with the terrible pain I was in and of course, his great smile. He started me on medications that day and within 12 hours, I had relief from pain I had for months and years. The very next day, he added me to his schedule, as the last patient of his day, so that he could give a cervical epidural injection, it's now a little more than 12 hours later, and I almost pain free. Need I say more about how I am feeling about this wonderful physician. I would highly recommend him as a first choice physician and I hope you have the same outstanding treatment that I have received. ”
Debra H. from Bethlehem, Pa
Back pain
“ I threw my back out after a short term mission trip. For weeks I could barely stand. I was visiting my GP who kept feeding me narcotics but the pain was intense. I was referred to pain management in my area who gave me an appoint three weeks away. on a chance I called Dr. Stoll's office. They saw me the next day. when I saw Dr. Stoll the first thing I said was that i am done taking pills, I need a fix. Dr. Stoll agreed and he formulated a plan of injections, PT, and diet which brought me back to full health in less than one month. Since then I take better care of my diet and back and I thanks God for Dr. Stoll ”
Ken O. from Lehighton, PA
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