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ACL Tears Part 2: Symptoms and Evaluation

Thomas Meade, MD

Department Chair Orthopedic Knee Surgery

Dr. Thomas Meade is an experienced clinician in the field of knee replacements, knee ligament reconstruction, has developed... patents on several devices.

Dr. Thomas Meade is a 1975 graduate of Pittston Area High School. He graduated with High Distinction from Penn State, where a diving injury launched him on a career in orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Meade graduated from the Jefferson Medical College and completed his orthopedic residency at Thomas Jefferson University. After his residency, he traveled to Cincinnati to complete a Sports Medicine and Knee Biomechanics Fellowship with Dr. Frank Noyes. He is an experienced clinician in the field of knee replacements, knee ligament reconstruction, has developed surgical techniques and instrumentation, and holds patents on several devices.

An author and educator and host of two popular cable television shows on orthopedic and medical issues, Dr. Meade has published articles and a book and produced videos. He speaks extensively on custom-fit knee replacements, kinematics, sports injuries, nutrition, and fitness related topics.

Dr. Meade presently holds academic positions at Penn State and DeSales University. The Philadelphia Eagles have retained Dr. Meade’s services as a consultant for summer camp at Lehigh University.

He is an avid cyclist and a competitive swimmer and triathlete, and has qualified for the Ironman triathlon. He has held top ten individual US Masters Swimming rankings and is a current USMS world record-holder in men’s 200-meter freestyle relay.

Dr. Meade received the 2002 Founders Award from the prestigious Medical Fitness Association for his lifetime contributions to the field of medical fitness and the Sir John Charnley Award for orthopedic achievement.


The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Biology (With High Distinction), 1975-1979

Medical School

Medical Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA, M.D., 1979-1983


The Allentown Affiliated Hospitals, Allentown, PA, Internship, 1983-1984


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, General Surgery Residency, 1984-1988


Knee Rehabilitation Center, Philadelphia, PA, Fellowship, 1987

Services Provided

  • Knee surgeries
  • Sports injuries
  • Joint replacements
  • Clavicle fractures
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  • Knee revision and replacement

    Dr. Meade thru my search for a doctor that talks and listens is the Best,the care I received and his work,crew etc. is the best in the State.he'll keep looking til he finds what the problem is then correct it,I'm do for a surgery soon for a revision not done by CH,and I'm going in to this with more confidence then ever,because of Dr.Meade and his staff,Thanks for helping me thru my trying times!

    Robert F.

    Scranton, Pa.

    Location: 2300 Highland Avenue, Bethlehem
    Service: Joint Replacement

  • 11 Weeks and Doing Well!

    Dear Molly, Dr. Meade & RJ,

    Thank you all for the care you provided me with my knee surgery. You all are the very best in your field and how fortunate I am to have had your services.

    It’s now 11 weeks since my surgery and I’m doing real well. Although still taking therapy, I’m actually able to walk, do all regular tasks and am no longer thinking of my knee or feeling any funny, different sensations. It’s great to not think of a knee or it’s stiffness and pain every hour or so!

    All of us here in the Lehigh Valley are so very lucky to have you all and your medical services available- you are the very best!

    Thank you again and stay well!

    J. F.

    Service: Orthopedics

  • You’re the Best

    Dear Dr. Meade,

    Words cannot express how happy I am that I selected you to perform my total knee replacement last May. My general health was very good, but walking any distance-even a short one- was a major problem. Let me say without a doubt, you have given me my life back. My recovery has been quiet and smooth and I can’t thank you enough! Also, my grandchildren and family members thank you.

    You are "THE BEST”

    J. M.

    Service: Orthopedics

  • Thanks for your Patience and Understanding

    Dear Dr. Meade,

    Just a note to tell you how we all (patients and family alike) love having you for our Doctor. Not only are you highly skilled and do such a wonderful job but you instill in us such a peace of mind that we’ll get well before we know it. Thank you for being so considerate and understanding ‘cause when we come to you we’re scared out of our wits and you make us so comfortable—what a wonderful quality you have. Thank you again

    P. B.

  • Wonderful Information about Statins

    Dear Dr. Meade,

    Thank you for a wonderfully informative and honest assessment of statins. My late Dad took a slew of medications, and my mother swore that it was the beginning of a downhill slide to the end when he did. I believe her. I am saddened when patients come to me with their list of meds, and then state they don't have any significant past medical history. To some people popping pills isn't even a consideration for them. You have really done a wonderful public service with this editorial, thank you! I shared this on my facebook.


  • Dr. Meade Shares His Knowledge

    Dr. Meade has been my favorite physican by far the last seven years, because he is caring, and he listens to his patients. The fact that he is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I have dealt with is very important to a patient. He is constantly educating himself in his field and beyond so he can offer the best quality of life to his patients. Dr. Meade shares his wealth of knowledge with the public through his shows and seminars and as a patient I have learned so much from him. I hope that Dr. Meade continues his mission in his field for many years to come and wish him the best. Thank you Dr. Meade for caring.


  • Feeling 63 Again!

    Dear Dr. Meade... THANKS DOC!!! I feel 63 again, instead of 85! GREAT SURGICAL TEAM! Thanks again

    S. K.

  • Dr. Meade is the Best

    Dr. Meade is the best!! He never rushes you through any appt. he listens completely, and understands your concerns with heart. Treats me like I am the only patient with this problem and not like "all the others." That about sums it up and YES, I always and DO recommend him to many people!  Thank You!


  • Thank You!

    Thank you Dr. Meade for confirming what thousands of people have found out the hard way: statin drugs are not what we've been led to believe! When my husband first started taking statins 5+ years ago, he had an adverse reaction of very bad muscle aches in his arms. So the doctor switched him to another statin with the same result. He tried 4 statin drugs before ending up on Simvastatin. The aches and pains and fatigue that resulted over the next 4 years crept up so slowly it was hard to pinpoint. He then decided to stop the statin drug and within a few weeks felt 100% better.  In retrospect I wish I had researched statins before my husband started taking them; we all should research the long term drugs being suggested to us.


  • Dr. Meade Helped Me Live My Life Pain Free

    Dr. Thomas Meade: I had both knees replaced at the same time. Dr. Meade was so helpful at my first appointment, I liked him at right off the bat. Came to see me right before my surgery, and after care was great. Dr. Meade was the first Doctor I saw in the morning. Its been a little over a year now sense my surgery, I am doing very well now. I can cut grass, play golf, walk, dance, and many other things, without PAIN. I just want to say THANK YOU Dr. Meade and your PA'S AND SURGERY TEAM.


    Service: Orthopedics

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