Coordinated Health

  • What services do the performance specialists provide?

    Our performance specialists provide services well above those of an average personal trainer.

    They begin your training with a comprehensive initial assessment to discover your movement strengths and weaknesses. During this assessment you discuss your goals, needs and medical history, and the specialist administers a seven-point Movement Analysis. The Movement Analysis measures your skill level in several categories including:

    • Balance
    • Coordination
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Core Strength

    We also measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and body composition. For athletes, we administer skill and performance tests to establish baseline measures of movement ability including vertical jump, pro agility, and 20-yard and 40-yard dashes.

  • Why do I need an initial assessment?

    During your initial assessment and throughout your program, we regularly assess for both quality and efficiency of your movements.  

    Although you may be able to perform a physical skill (for example, a squat), you may not be executing the movement correctly.  Quality and efficiency of movement relate to how well your muscles work together to perform a specific task or skill. Our specialists constantly monitor for movement flaws. If we discover one, we teach you how to fix it.  As a result, patients are stronger, more balanced, and move faster than before.

    At Coordinated Health, the right mixture of training is one of our priorities for each patient. If a patient focuses on only one aspect of training, it can be detrimental to performance, which requires proficiency in many movement abilities.

  • How about the cost?

    Using one of our performance specialists saves money. You won’t need to buy expensive gym equipment or memberships you never use. Your specialist teaches you how to train independently—outside, at home, or on the road.