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Larry’s Story

Larry’s Story

By: Hannah Ropp   August 25, 2017

At 46-years-old, Wilson Township resident Larry Stalica considered himself an active individual. He was an avid skier and biker, but knee and hip pain kept him from activities that he enjoyed. “I used to go skiing 40 to 50 times a year and it got to the point where I just couldn’t do it anymore. That’s what prompted me to see Dr. Luchetti,” he says.

Coordinated Health Orthopedic Surgeon Wayne Luchetti, MD, did a thorough physical and says that before obtaining X-rays he knew that Larry had a very arthritic knee and two arthritic hips. Dr. Luchetti suggested conservative treatment initially, which included a series of cortisone injections and physical therapy. However, after Larry failed an extensive course of physical therapy, Dr. Luchetti suggested it was time to consider a bilateral hip and knee replacement.

“At first I was really surprised that I was going to need a joint replacement at my age. But, Dr. Luchetti said it wasn’t that unusual. He was confident and optimistic that if I had the surgeries done and did the physical therapy, that I could return to my optimistic lifestyle,” says Larry.

Larry had his left hip replaced first in January of 2014. Dr. Luchetti says that he always does hip replacements before performing knee replacement on those who need both. “Even if I give a patient a knee replacement if they have a very arthritic hip it will refer pain to their knee, which negates the purpose of a knee replacement,” says Dr. Luchetti. 

Larry had all of his joint replacements at Coordinated Health’s Bethlehem hospital and says the above average accommodations, which included a private room and bathroom as well as an extensive menu, helped him feel at home while he recovered. Following his hip replacement, he says Dr. Luchetti had him up and moving within hours with physical therapy following close behind.

Only two months after his hip replacement, Larry had his knee replaced. He admits that he was more nervous about his knee replacement than his hip replacements. “I knew my knee was in worse shape than my hips from the years of abuse from playing sports all through high school and college. I only had a range of motion of about five degrees,” he says. 

Despite his fear Larry says his knee replacement surgery went well though admits that the physical therapy for his knee was more difficult than what he went through with his hip. He credits the communication between his physical therapists and Dr. Luchetti for his quick recovery.”It’s really a coordinated effort. My physical therapists kept in constant communication with Dr. Luchetti and they did a great job in getting me recovered quickly. In fact, that winter I was back skiing again,” he says. 

Dr. Luchetti never had any doubt that Larry would recover well from his hip and knee replacements. “I was very confident that he would do well. His attitude was great and he’s an incredibly hard worker and that’s usually about 90 percent of it,” he says. 

Following his joint replacements Larry not only went back to skiing, but also took up bicycling and is just happy to be back to his active lifestyle. “I would recommend Dr. Luchetti and I have recommended him to my family and friends. He was very encouraging and did everything he needed to get me back to what I enjoy doing without pain,” says Larry. 

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