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Dr. Williams presents joint pain treatment options at Traditions of Hanover

Dr. Williams presents joint pain treatment options at Traditions of Hanover

By: Sawyer Hoyak   April 7, 2017

Bethlehem, Pa. (April 7, 2017) – Coordinated Health (CH) Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John Williams spoke to residents on Wednesday at Traditions of Hanover about surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for arthritis in the hips and knees. Dr. Williams admitted having a personal connection to Traditions of Hanover because his father, John “Jack” Williams Sr., is currently residing at the facility.

Dr. Williams began the seminar by presenting different types, causes, and treatment options for arthritis in the knees and hips which can include surgical and non-surgical procedures. More than 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis and Dr. Williams explained that this number is only increasing as the population grows older.

“I often compare the knees of patients who suffer from arthritis to car tires. With the duration of time and activity levels, the tire would begin to lose traction. The same thing happens to our knees as we age” explained Dr. Williams.  

Dr. Williams explained that CH specializes in orthopedics to help patients suffering from arthritis in the hip and knee receive the individualized care they need.

Non-surgical treatment options for arthritis include modification of daily activity, mobility aids such as walkers and canes, bracing of the knees with an elastic bandage, and different medications that can include anti-inflammatories such as Tylenol, to more invasive medication such as steroidal injections.

One common surgical treatment option for arthritis of the hip and knee can include joint replacement surgery. Dr. Williams explained that it is never too late to undergo joint replacement surgery, especially if you are in extreme pain and discomfort.

“The oldest patient I ever performed a total knee replacement surgery on was 94 at the time. The surgery went well and I was happy to relieve the patient from the extreme pain she was experiencing”, said Williams.

Years later, Dr. Williams admitted that he ran into the same patient and that her knees were in the best condition they had been in decades.

“The patient ended up living to be 104 years-old and was living pain free. If you ask me, that was the most important part”, explained Williams.

Dr. John Williams concluded the seminar with an open discussion about specific attendee concerns and physical therapy tips from Physical Therapist Jon Borger.

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