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How to Enjoy Flip Flops Without Hurting Your Feet

How to Enjoy Flip Flops Without Hurting Your Feet

By: Hannah Ropp   July 7, 2017

Summer is made for certain things. Lemonade, popsicles, the beach and of course a favorite summer staple – flip flops.

It’s hard to resist flip flops. They are easy, come in any color, go with almost any outfit and they are inexpensive. But, according to Coordinated Health Podiatrist Stacy Resnick, DPM, your favorite flip flops may have some health consequences that could outlast the warm summer months. “Flip Flops have been shown to cause a variety of issues from blisters and cuts between the toes to more serious problems such as bacterial and fungal infections,” she says. 

She also says that flip flop wearers could end up with plantar fasciitis or heel spur problems to tendonitis of the foot and ankle. “We see an increase in patients presenting to our office in September with pain that won’t go away from wearing flip flops all summer,” says Dr. Resnick. 

However, Dr. Resnick says you don’t have to part with flip flops completely! She has some tips on how you can enjoy summer’s favorite footwear without having issues!

Make the Investment – You’ve heard the old adage you get what you pay for? In this case it is true. A one dollar pair of flip flops probably won’t provide the same arch support as a pair that is a little more expensive. Go ahead and splurge. After all, they make flip flops with arch support and cushioning that are better for your muscles than the flat version.

Replace them Often – Just like any other shoe, be sure to replace your flip flops seasonally.

Use Caution – Flip flops will not protect your feet from debris like broken glass or sharp rocks. Make sure to look where you are going!

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen – Many people forget about feet when they are applying sunscreen, but remember if you aren’t covering your feet with shoes, cover them with sunscreen. 

Treat Your Feet – If you wear flip flops or any type of open toed shoes frequently check your feet for cuts or blisters and treat promptly with cleaning the area and applying topical antibiotic. Don’t wear flip flops every day, alternate what shoes you wear. Your feet will thank you!


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