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Fitness Goes High Tech

Fitness Goes High Tech

By: Sawyer Hoyak   March 15, 2017

With recent advances in technology, you never have to track your workout with pen and paper again! High-tech devices such as Fitbits and Apple watches are becoming the popular new way of tracking workouts in a fun and easy way!

With over 19 million registered Fitbit and Apple watch users, technology has transformed fitness routines by tracking daily steps, individual workouts, and even allowing wearers to compete with family members and friends.

Coordinated Health’s Fitness and Sports Performance Leader, Steven Hultgren, explained how these high-tech devices are encouraging patients and athletes to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

“Fitbits and performance devices are coming a long way in the fitness industry. Not only is it a way for the average person to track their fitness activity but it also makes them mindful of how often they are sedentary,” says Hultgren.

Although Hultgren works with a variety of patients and athletes, he has found that these devices are most often worn among the younger demographic.

“I see more middle school and high school kids with Fitbits on,” says Hultgren.

Hultgren has seen so many performance tracking devices and heard so many great reviews that he decided to purchase one for himself. He admits that he loves it and has found it useful in ways that he didn’t expect.

“I notice things even in my active lifestyle that I need to address, such as how long I’m sitting throughout my day or even something as important as how many hours of sleep I get each night,” admitted Hultgren.

Some additional features offered by a performance-tracking device include tracking water intake, individual diet, and hours of sleep. Although devices such as Fitbits and Apple watches are a great investment for the already active person, Hultgren warns that others should not rely on these products for health information and should only be considered as a great starting point.

“Obviously you need to be realistic about your goals if you are just starting out,” says Hultgren. “These devices are a great tool to help you be more aware about your activity, but you can’t use it as your guide. It’s still best to see a professional if you are just beginning.”

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