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Get Better Brows Without Makeup

Get Better Brows Without Makeup

By: Hannah Ropp   July 21, 2017

Microblading is a wonderful form of permanent make-up that is helping women have the eyebrows they want, without the need for gels or pencils.  It’s actually a form of tattooing that simulates natural hair. When I do microblading, I’m creating hair strokes in your eyebrow that look just like natural hair and for women who have no hair or very little hair, it makes a huge difference. 

During microblading, I use organic pigments and pigments that are different than those on your body. The pigments that are on your body have carbon, while the ones that I use are completely organic.

As a certified permanent make-up technician I take measurements and I am pretty meticulous about where the pigment goes and where I am drawing on the eyebrow. When I have the initial consultation with my patients I make sure that I talk to them about the shape and color they would like to see in their eyebrows. I also always draw it out beforehand so they can see what to expect. I always tell my patients that they have two votes and I have one when it comes to how they want their eyebrows to look. 

The microblading process is time consuming and generally takes several hours. During that time, I use a magnifying mirror so I can see every little spec that I am putting in. I use a disposable blade that has little needles on the end of it and I hold the skin taught and then make the hair stroke. People will definitely look to see how the stroke is made and this provides full coverage. 

It usually takes about two visits to achieve the results that you want and the appointments are spaced about four weeks apart. It takes that long for the skin to heal and for the pigment to be crisp and clear. This procedure is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their brows. 



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