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My Golf Game is the Best it’s Been in 20 Years

By: Hannah Ropp   June 20, 2014

For George Petrole, golf isn’t just a hobby it’s his livelihood. As a Golf Pro, George spends most of his time on the golf course either teaching or competing. So when his ankle pain became severe enough to interfere with his golf game, he knew he needed to seek the best care possible. That’s why he chose Coordinated Health Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr. Steven Brigido.

Because Dr. Brigido is a golfer himself, he easily understood what was causing Geroge’s symptoms and diagnosed him with ankle arthritis resulting from a previous injury. He also determined that George was the perfect candidate for an ankle replacement. George admits that the idea of undergoing an ankle replacement was unnerving.

“I had seen other versions of ankle replacements and they seemed really outdated, but Dr. Brigido showed me a computer simulated version of the surgery and assured me that it was the best option. My symptoms dictated that I had to do something so I put my trust in him and it was well founded,” says George.

Following the surgery, George says he had minimal pain and began physical therapy within days. He went to physical therapy three times a week and did his exercises at home. His hard work paid off. Just six weeks after surgery, George was golfing at Pinehurst.

Three years post surgery; George continues to do well and says his only regret is that he wishes he had gone through with the surgery sooner.

“In some ways I feel like I’m two years behind because I put off my surgery, but I feel great. Plus, my golf game is better than it has been in 20 years,” he says.



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