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Heart Health As You Age

By: Hannah Ropp   February 1, 2018

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States, and while there isn’t much you can do to stop the flow of time, Coordinated Health Cardiologist, Minh Q. Nguyen, MD, FACC says there are other factors you do have the ability to control. Check out his advice for taking care of your heart as you age.

The most important way to prevent cardiovascular disease it to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Healthy:

  1. Increase fruits and vegetables; more color more nutrients! 
  2. Limit sugar, high fat, and pasta, especially white types and replacing it with whole grains and high fiber carbs such as brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and nuts as healthy snacks. 
  3. Limit consumption of red meat and replace with chicken, turkey, and fish such as salmon.

Stay Active, including Regular Exercise

Avoid Tobacco, and yes Marijuana significantly increases risk as well!

If you drink, do it moderately

Know the Signs of Heart Attack and Stroke

  • Not everyone experiences the same symptoms when it comes to heart attack and stroke. Learn what to look for and what you should do in the event of an emergency.

Stay on a Treatment Plan

  • If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure, make sure that you continue taking medication as directed by your doctor.

Continue to Monitor your Weight

  • Weight continues to be a big risk factor when it comes to heart issues.

Familiarize Yourself with Warning Signs of Heart Problems

  • If you don’t already know, learn the warning signs of a heart attack and stroke. They are not always the same and women are more likely to have less typical symptoms then men.

40-75 Years Old

  • Your doctor can help with 10-year Cardiovascular Disease risk estimation and recommend plan of action including possibly a statin, besides treatments for high BP, diabetes, and in limited cases, aspirin.   (ACC 2019 recommendation)






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