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Back Pain Resolved with CH Spine Team

Back Pain Resolved with CH Spine Team

By: Hannah Ropp   June 1, 2014

Maintaining an active lifestyle has always been important to high school English teacher and lacrosse coach Maylin Harter. When she began experiencing back pain that was severe enough to interfere with that lifestyle, she decided to seek the help of Coordinated Health’s spine team.

Initially Maylin saw Coordinated Health Physiatrist Dr. Brian Goldberg who was able to treat her back and leg pain with a series of epidural injections and physical therapy. However, when her symptoms returned, Dr. Goldberg recommended she see Coordinated Health Spine Surgeon Dr. Christopher Wagener.

Dr. Wagener determined that Maylin’s back problems were the result of a herniated disc that was pressing against her sciatic nerve, and deemed them severe for someone her age. He suggested a fairly non-invasive procedure that involved making a small incision in her back and shaving off the excess bone to relieve the pressure on her sciatic nerve.

Though Maylin was nervous about the surgery, she says that both her surgery and recovery went well. Within five weeks Maylin was back at work and said for the first time in years, she was pain free. She claims the surgery allowed her to get back to enjoying her life. The expectant mom also credits says the surgery with a smoother pregnancy than she would have had otherwise.

“I know that had I not had the surgery I would not be having the type of pregnancy I am now. My back would have been a mess. It’s also nice to know that now I will be able to be the kind of mom I want to be and run with my daughter and play sports with her,” says Maylin.



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