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Mammogram Upgrade Now Available

Mammogram Upgrade Now Available

By: Hannah Ropp   March 2, 2016

Coordinated Health is continuing to offer the best when it comes to diagnosing and treating breast cancer with the addition of a new breast tomosynthesis at the 1405 N Cedar Crest Blvd location.

Breast tomosynthesis has been FDA approved as an additional upgrade to standard mammography. Tomosynthesis is a modified mammogram that uses three-dimensional data to generate very thin slices of breast images, making it easier to tell the difference between a mass versus an overlap of normal tissue.

The screening is generally performed in conjunction with a conventional mammogram. While the process is the same, the unit sweeps across the compressed breast to take pictures in multiple views. It then creates a 2-D image from the 3-D tomosynthesis images.

Though Tomosynthesis is considered to be useful for all women, it’s especially helpful for women who have dense breast tissue. Breast Surgeon Cara Guilfoyle, MD, says that tomosynthesis has multiple benefits. “In the screening setting, tomosynthesis helps to decrease the amount of times a patient has to come back for additional imaging and has even been shown to improve cancer detection rates,” she says.

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