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New Sports Performance Program Adds Strength to School Based Sports

New Sports Performance Program Adds Strength to School Based Sports

By: Hannah Ropp   February 17, 2017

The Bangor boy’s basketball team is having a stellar season. The colonial league team is currently 21-1 overall and 17-0 in their league. Bangor Athletic Director and Boy’s basketball coach Bron Holland says much of the team’s success is due to their hard work and perseverance, but also gives credit a new strength and conditioning program that Coordinated Health (CH) now offers Bangor High School athletes.

Though CH has been offering athletic training services to Bangor High School since 2013, 2016 was the first year that they also offered performance training. As part of a new contract, CH offers 20 hours a week of strength and conditioning training to high school students.

Holland says he began to see the need for a performance program a few years ago after lackluster boy’s basketball season. “Every year we would make it to districts and we were getting beat by teams, not because they had more skill, but because they were more physically fit than we were,” he says.

Now, Athletic and Performance Trainer Zack Glagola works with athletes from all of the Bangor teams, regardless of whether they are in season or not, in order to improve their overall physical condition. He says that he does everything from lifting to agility in order to increase their speed and strength.

Glagola says that performance and athletic training are a natural fit. “The relationship between athletic training and performance is very important to maintain health and proper technique in the weight room and keep the kids healthy. If any kid is hurt we can make the appropriate changes in the weight room,” he says.

According to Holland, the program has helped decrease injuries on the boy’s basketball team. “We’ve really had no injuries, which is amazing, just little things here and there. Our kids have gotten so much stronger, which also leads to confidence,” he says.

Bangor athletes have also noticed a difference in their sports performance. “It’s definitely helped us, especially in the fourth quarter, we aren’t getting tired as much and we are able to finish out games and that’s been a huge benefit to us,” says senior Bangor basketball player Anthony Schiavone.

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