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Samantha S.

Easton , Pa

They made everything a lot less scary

I came to Julius (aka Ken) and Michael for the first time after having surgery on my foot. A few months after healing from my foot injury I tore my ACL. We ended up going to a different hospital other than Coordinated Health but as soon as that doctor said I needed physical therapy I knew Ken and Michael were the people I wanted to go back to. I am an athlete and I really tried to push surgery off, but Ken and Michael kept telling me that they really thought I needed the surgery. The idea of another surgery scared me a lot and I really didn’t want to be out another season but Ken explained to me how everything would go and made everything a lot less scary. I finally ended up going to a Coordinated Health doctor to get surgery after Michael said something like “You’re cheering right now with a torn ACL and I know you can’t be at your best so why push surgery off for another year, be in more pain, and potentially get hurt more than get the surgery now, heal up over the summer and get back at 100 percent for next season?” I realized Michael and Ken were right and I went in for surgery and found out that not only was my ACL torn but so was my meniscus. So after surgery, I went back to physical therapy with Ken and Michael and they got me back to walking a lot faster than I expected.

The whole idea of physical therapy scared me and I really just didn’t want to do it but after meeting Ken and Michael they changed the experience from a scary one to a more fun and enthusiastic experience. It was always looked at as a “Yes you can’t bend your leg all the way but you’re father than you were last week so that’s progress ” mentality which always made me want to get better. The overall energy and positivity definitely changed the experience for the better and I’m very glad I came back to them the second time around.