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How We Are Protecting Your Athletes From Concussions

How We Are Protecting Your Athletes From Concussions

By: Danielle Davis Giuliani, MA, LAT, ATC   August 24, 2017

Concussions have long been associated with football, but now we are seeing more concussions from other sports like soccer as well. In fact, it’s been estimated that high school athletes sustain nearly 300,000 concussions a year. Thanks to tools like IMPACT testing, concussions among high school athletes are being diagnosed more frequently and being treated appropriately. 

The NCAA has mandated that all athletes take part in IMPACT Testing, which is a computerized tool that gages cognitive function and reaction time. The testing generally takes about 30 minutes and is meant to give clinicians a baseline of where the athlete stands pre-injury. 

In the event that a player sustains a concussion, we will put them through a repeat IMPACT test so that we can compare their results to their baseline test. It helps us see where they stand in their recovery and whether they are ready to return to sports. 

Football players are required to go through IMPACT testing yearly, however, all other athletes do the testing every two years. IMPACT testing is recommended for all athletes over the age of ten. 

Although the IMPACT test is a crucial part in diagnosing and treating concussions, it’s important to realizing that it’s only one tool. If an athlete does well on their IMPACT test, but is still showing symptoms like headaches or dizziness, then they may not be ready to return to play. 




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