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Steve Hultgren Takes Fitness & Sports Performance to the Next Level

By:    August 20, 2018

For more than 25 years, CH’s highly regarded Sports Performance program has partnered with local schools to take their student-athletes abilities to the next level. As the high school football season quickly approaches, local teams have turned to Coordinated Health’s Sports Performance program to make sure that their players are ready to hit the gridiron running.

At the helm of CH’s program is Fitness & Sports Performance Team Lead Steve Hultgren. Over the years, the former Easton High School quarterback has certainly had a profound impact on the Lehigh Valley’s high school football scene. These days, his impact is still undeniably significant, however that impact comes in a different form: as a motivator, a trainer, and a coach.

Working with a variety of different programs and high schools – Bangor, Bethlehem Catholic, Nazareth, Palisades, and Lehigh and Lafayette University, to name a few – his schedule varies. In just the matter of an hour, Steve transitions from training with Nazareth’s incoming freshman cheerleaders, to doing field work and weight training with District XI’s back-to-back football champions, the Becahi Golden Hawks.

Becahi is finishing up their first off-season with Steve and company in control of their strength & conditioning, and head football coach Joe Henrich sees CH’s Sports Performance program as a true difference maker for his student-athletes.

“This is our first off-season having worked with Steve and it has been everything I had hoped for and more,” said Becahi head football coach Joe Henrich. “Having someone like Steve allows our program to have tremendous credibility with our kids and their families. Having a sports performance coach and an athletic training staff from Coordinated Health allows us to have a synergy that you don’t find everywhere.”

That synergy that Steve and his team have consistently produced across the area for years is exactly what makes the program so special. However, it’s only one of the many benefits that they provide.

“Our program prides itself on the environment we create,” he said. “Getting a group energized and excited to work when they may not want to is an obstacle many programs cannot overcome.”

The key? Understanding the athlete.

“Having a group run and lift weights is only half of what we do.” said Steve. “The high school athlete is constantly changing and you need to have the ability to relate to them in order to get the best out of them. Finding what makes an athlete tick is what will help you make that athlete better.”

“His ability to relate to the guys is outstanding,” said Henrich.

What separates CH’s program from the rest, though, is their ability to tailor their training to the athlete. Many performance coaches have a tendency to train athletes in a field that they are not certified in, which can result in injury, and quite simply, poor results.

“Bringing in certified strength and conditioning coaches helps give the high school athlete an edge,” said Steve. “The ultimate goal is to help the athlete reach peak performance while decreasing the risk of injury… We pride ourselves on being the best at that.”

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