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The Benefits and Dangers of Your Favorite Summer Sandals

By: Stacy Resnick, DPM   July 5, 2018

Sandals are not the ideal shoe to wear year-round but are essential to some during the summertime. It can be hard to resist slipping on your favorite pair of sandals. They are easy, come in any color, go with almost any outfit, and are inexpensive. But, even though there may be benefits to your choice of summer footwear, Coordinated Health Podiatrist, Stacy Resnick, DPM warns that sandals can have health consequences that outlast the summer months. 

“Flip flops have been shown to cause a variety of issues from blisters and cuts between the toes to more serious problems such as bacterial and fungal infections,” said Dr. Resnick. 

She also says that flip flop wearers could end up with plantar fasciitis or heel spur problems to tendonitis of the foot and ankle.

There are several dangers to wearing summer sandals such as no support, no protection, and a higher risk of infection.

The Dangers

No Support: Some sandals provide arch support and comfort such as Birkenstocks but oftentimes cheap sandals offer nothing but their low price. Flimsy sandals can cause stress on your feet and ankles if worn for extended periods of time.  

No Protection: Sandals are not ideal for physical activities such as running because they offer little to no support for the foot and are not designed for uneven surfaces. 

Infection: Some sandals provide little protection to the feet and make the feet more susceptible to abrasions and open wounds.  

Although there can be consequences to your favorite summer sandal, there are some benefits of wearing an open toed shoe.

The Benefits

Accessible: Many people enjoy walking barefoot in the summertime and taking the time to lace up a pair of tennis shoes can sometimes seem like a hassle. Sandals seem like a great option when rushing out the door or to take the dog for a walk because they are easily accessible.

Breathable: Sandals are the perfect shoes for letting your feet breath. Conditions such as athletes foot or an ingrown toenail can worsen when the foot is kept in a tight shoe.

Summer Activities: Summer activities, such as going to the beach, require a shoe that is easily removable and can protect feet from the hot sand. They are the easiest shoe to remove sand from because they can easily be rinsed with water and dry quickly. 

“We see an increase in patients presenting to our office in September with pain that won’t go away from wearing flip flops all summer,” says Resnick.

It’s important to visit a podiatrist if you experience pain in your feet if feel you may be suffering from a foot condition. Your foot condition could become more severe if not treated properly. 

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