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Your Top Questions About the Flu Shot Answered

By: Hannah Ropp   September 30, 2019

Flu season is officially upon us, which means it’s time to make sure you and your family are protected. According to Coordinated Health Primary Care Physician Lindsay Goffredo Hughes, the best way to prevent the flu and the spread of the flu is by getting the flu vaccine, which is available at any Coordinated Health Care on Demand Location or through a Coordinated Health Primary Care Physician. 

Dr. Goffredo-Hughes says this time of year she gets a lot of questions from patients about the flu and the flu shot. Below are some of the top questions she gets along with her answers.

Do I need a flu shot if I’m healthy?

Dr. Goffredo Hughes says everyone should get the flu vaccine, even if they are healthy. “The flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu and also the spread of the flu. We recommend everyone over the age of six months get the vaccine, but it’s especially important for small children, pregnant women, people over the age of 65 and those who may be immune suppressed,” she says

Will the flu shot give me the flu?

The flu vaccine will not give you the flu. It’s a common misconception since the vaccine is made with flu viruses that have either been inactivated, but some are made with no flu virus at all. Dr. Goffredo Hughes says the most common side effects from the flu shot are redness and soreness at the injection site and in some cases people may experience muscle aches and fatigue the next day.

Is the flu shot effective?

The flu shot has been shown up to 60% effective in preventing the flu. While there’s still a chance you can get the flu, your symptoms will most likely be less severe and there’s less chance of serious flu-related side effects that can lead to hospitalization. 

Should I wait until winter to get the flu shot?

Flu season is generally between October and January, however, Dr. Goffredo Hughes stresses the importance of getting the flu vaccine early. “The vaccine can take up to two weeks to be effective so if you are exposed during that time period, you can still get sick. Once you are vaccinated against the flu, you will be protected for the rest of the season,” she says. 

Can I get the flu shot if I’m sick?

If you have a mild cold or other illness and are not running a fever, you can absolutely get the flu shot says Dr. Goffredo Hughes. 

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