Coordinated Health

Rehabilitation Services

Therapy services are an integral part of your patient’s medical care.   Let our Rehabilitation services be an extension of your practice. Put our Physicial, Occupational, and Lymphedema therapists to work as part of YOUR treatment team.

Why choose Coordinated Health Rehabilitation Services?



Communication between you and the therapist treating your patient is essential. You need a system in place to quickly and consistently inform you of your patient’s progress. Let our therapists do the work for you.

Our therapists maintain communication with you via a Plan of Care. You are able to track your patient’s progress and make any necessary adjustments or recommendations to your patient’s treatment plan. The Plan of Care is sent to you by fax or email just prior to your patient’s next visit with you.


Availability of appointments is critical for you and a priority for us. Your patients need to be seen promptly so our therapists are available 7am - 7pm Monday – Thursday, 7am – 6 pm Friday and from 7am – 12pm on Saturday. We can often see your patients within 24 hours.



Our therapists offer a patient-centered approach to care. They are hands-on and exercise oriented. Patient goals are driven by a return to function and not maximum number of insurance visits. We do not depend on modalities to fill the majority of treatment time.

Frequency and duration of treatment are based on each individual patient’s need. Our therapists maximize treatment plans by varying visits during passive and active phases. Since patient participation is critical to recovery, our therapists monitor compliance with each patient’s home exercise program.



Continuity of care is paramount to your patient’s outcome and recovery. Our therapists are not moved from office to office to accommodate patient volumes, nor are they a per diem staff. Each of our therapists works in a single location so they provide care throughout your patient’s entire course of therapy.



To deliver more consistent care, our therapists work as a team. We use a 1:1 ratio of therapists to therapist assistants. Most facilities offer a 1:3 ratio which results in less therapist involvement in patient care. Our teams are kept small so your patients work with the same two therapists each visit. Each therapist is always aware of your patient’s daily progress and what adjustments should be made.


Active Care

Compliance with a home exercise program is essential for your patients to resume full function. As a result, your patients have access to the medical grade supplies and equipment they need to actively participate in their home exercise program. We do not send your patients searching all over town or the internet to find the right therapy equipment. The equipment your patients need to progress their care is available for purchase at each of our locations.