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Led by Dr. Mark Gittleman and Dr. Cara Guilfoyle, the Coordinated Health Breast Center won the 2015 Healthcare Hero award for women's health and wellness.


Award-Winning Care

Coordinated Health's caring, innovative and unified approach to breast care instantly provides patients comfort and confidence. Led by nationally recognized physician Dr. Cara Guilfoyle, CH's expertise covers all aspects of diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of breast conditions.  

The team's care was honored when Coordinated Health won the 2015 Healthcare Hero award for women's health and wellness, a recognition presented each year by Lehigh Valley Business' independent panel of healthcare leaders to the person or group in the greater Lehigh Valley making the biggest difference in the field. The award was presented to the Coordinated Health Breast Center team, including the center's advanced-imaging professionals. 


  • Same day appointments and mammographies 
  • 24/7 concierge services
  • Board certified, fellowship-trained, surgeon-led personal care
  • Latest in Positron Emission Mammography and the MarginProbe System technology

Unified Team

For each patient, our team members work together to seamlessly provide as many breast-care services as needed. The team includes:

  • Breast surgeon, fellowship trained in breast oncology
  • Breast cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon
  • Oncology radiologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Lymphedema therapist

Prevention + Detection + Treatment

Patients can be self-referred or referred to us by other physicians or health care providers because of an abnormal mammogram, a breast mass, or other breast concerns. Our treated conditions include:

  • Abnormal mammograms
  • Breast masses (malignant and benign)
  • Breast cancer
  • Breast pain
  • Nipple discharge
  • Personal history of breast cancer
  • High-risk patients

The services we provide include:

Leading Technology

Technology: We've invested in the most advanced technology and are proud to be the only hospital in the Lehigh Valley to offer technology such as Positron Emission Mammography and the MarginProbe System.

The MarginProbe is used in the operating room to determine if the margins of a lumpectomy are free of cancerous tissue.  Prior to the development of this technology, there was no effective way of confirming that all the cancer had been removed during a procedure.  In fact, a national average of 30 percent of lumpectomy patients had to return to the operating room to have additional tissue removed or to have a mastectomy performed.  

With the MarginProbe, our team knows within minutes whether all of the cancer has been removed.  Our team can then remove any additional tissue while the patient is still in the operating room. This step eliminates the need for a second surgery and adds to the patient's overall peace of mind.

Extended Hours: To make breast screening as easy as possible for you, we are the only provider in the Lehigh Valley to offer imaging services on Thursday evenings. Please call our 24/7 live Solution Center at 877 247 8080, to schedule your mammography.

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There are 2 locations that offer Breast Center services

There are 3 physicians who offer Breast Center services

There is 1 PA and CRNP who offers Breast Center services