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Orthopedic Urgent Care

Skip the ER and go straight to the expert team you trust.

Coordinated Health is proud to offer the first and only Orthopedic Urgent Care (OUC) in the Lehigh Valley. The OUC offers patients a new alternative to the emergency room for common orthopedic injuries, including: sprains, strains, fractures and general pain. Unlike emergency rooms or conventional urgent care facilities, the Orthopedic Urgent Care delivers patients access to the region's top orthopedic experts on demand at its 2300 Highland Avenue Campus in Bethlehem. Coordinated Health selected the Bethlehem Campus for its first Orthopedic Urgent Care because of its access to:

Patients who visit emergency rooms and conventional urgent care facilities are typically stabilized and referred to orthopedic specialists. This process can take days and sometimes weeks, resulting in higher costs, unnecessary stress and wasted time. The OUC allows patients to receive diagnosis, imaging, treatment and continued care in one visit, saving patients valuable time and money. 


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