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Sports Performance

Coordinated Health’s sports performance team, part of Lehigh Valley Health Network, is available to help you reach your fitness and athletic goals. Our performance coaches frequently work directly with sports medicine physicians to help athletes recover and regain strength after an injury.

What Is Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training is physical fitness training that is designed to improve your ability to perform a specific sport. It includes strength training, cardiovascular training, corrective exercise, and sport-specific drills. Our sports performance coaches develop individualized fitness plans for each athlete by considering athletic goals, musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses, and sport-specific injury risks.


Advantages of Performance Training at Coordinated Health

  • Ability to see a Coordinated Health orthopedic specialist within 24 hours if a problem arises during training
  • Coordination between performance training and physical therapy for quicker recovery
  • Reduced risk of injury during athletic activities


Who Can Benefit from Sports Performance Training?

  • Athletes of all levels (students, professionals, weekend warriors)
  • Joint replacement patients, pre- and post-surgery
  • Patients with orthopedic injuries
  • Deconditioned adults who want to regain strength and return to fitness
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