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Coordinated Health’s Performance Coaching program provides unique and customized services for our clientele that focus on injury prevention, improved athletic sports performance and the final phase of rehabilitation after physical therapy to restore optimal health and fitness. Performance Coaching is a good complement to Physical Therapy, but does not replace the skills and expertise of licensed Physical Therapists. Our team of college prepared certified performance trainers are part of an integrated healthcare delivery network that is physician and physical therapy supported. Since the Performance Coaching program began, it has been consistently praised for positive results for over 25 years. Our program has been named ‘Best Personal Fitness Trainers’ by Readers Choice Awards in the Morning Call for the Lehigh Valley and continue to maintain that high standard for delivering quality and cutting edge training programs.

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A Competitive Edge

Whether you're interested in general fitness or athletic performance, there is a program for you. Our fitness programs give athletes and everyday clients the comprehensive services they to meet their needs:

  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Stability and balance
  • Coordination
  • Core strength and power
  • Speed and agility
  • Total body strength and power
  • Weight loss

Physician Supported

Performance Coaching is physician supported. Our physicians often recommend performance fitness as a benefit to the patient’s recovery. Because we’re a part of an integrated healthcare delivery network, if a concern arises during your training sessions, you can see a physician within 24 hours.

Coordinated Health physicians know and trust each performance specialist. All specialists are NASM Certified and have a college degree in the Health and Exercise Science fields. They customize fitness programs for:

  • Athletes
  • Adolescents, to improve muscular control and movement quality/efficiency
  • Total joint replacement patients (pre-surgery and post-surgery), to improve balance and coordination and prevent falls
  • Post-rehabilitation patients, with work on shoulders, hips, back, knees, and ankles
  • Deconditioned adults

Sports Performance Testing

Coordinated Health Strength & Conditioning provides a different level of performance evaluation and training.  Our Exercise Specialists will objectively utilize assessments to evaluate athletic ability, potential injury risks of sport-specific exercise, and musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses for athletes. If any injury does happen to occur our Exercise Specialists can use baseline testing results to compare to where that athlete is prior to the injury occurring.


  • Assessment to evaluate athletic ability, potential injury risk, musculoskeletal weaknesses or strengths
  • Baseline level for return to play from either severe or minor injury
  • Basis for developing strength & conditioning programs
  • Evaluates off season training program to track training progressions
  • Assists in helping teams develop training goals based on results
  • A comprehensive way for coaches to evaluate players prior to play
  • Provides objective data for future collegiate recruitment

For more information about Coordinated Health Strength & Conditioning at performance@coordinatedhealth.com

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