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The Coordinated Health approach to care is holistic. Wellness in Women’s Health is achieved through caring for a spectrum of issues and conditions, focused on prevention and general well-being. Inside and out, the issues that affect women are unique, and our team of nurses, surgeons, physicians, and specialists are dedicated to patient care. In addition to bone, breast, and reproductive health specialists, our team also includes units dedicated to aesthetics, oncology, and wellness care.

Understanding is the Coordinated Health difference. Our Women’s Health team treats you as an individual woman with specific care needs, rather than as a collection of systems. Our dedicated wellness team makes it easy for you to find the right combination of specialists for your healthiest, best self.

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Breast Center

Lead by Dr. Cara Guilfoyle, the breast health team at Coordinated Health is dedicated to the prevention, detection, and treatment of a range of breast health conditions. The team is committed to easing access for all women, with same day appointments and mammographies.

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The Coordinated Health team considers reconstructive or aesthetic surgery as an important element of Women’s Health’s approach to overall wellness. Our qualified and caring surgical teams focus on the health and wellness value of their services. Their teams are here to help you look as good as you feel. 

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The Coordinated Health Women’s Health team provides comprehensive outpatient care for all gynecologic concerns, with a focus on routine preventive care, including Pap smears, breast exams, mammography, contraceptive counseling and other gynecologic screenings.

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With a particular attention to arthritis care, the rheumatological team at Coordinated Health is a dedicated part of their approach to Women’s Health. Understanding the specific issues related to inflammation helps our team develop the best care strategy to help women lead their most productive, pain-free lives. 

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The Women’s Health team has created partnerships with our other specialty care providers to build the most dependable network of care. Our award-winning orthopedic service team caters specifically to the bone and joint health needs of women.

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The team at Coordinated Health creates seamless bridges between endocrinological hormone care and all of the other aspects of your health and wellness treatment. The Women’s Health team helps manage all of your care through their holistic health approach. 

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Your Care Team Under One Roof

The newly opened Women’s Health Campus makes managing your wellness more comfortable and convenient.  


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