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Brett Godbout, MD

Orthopedics, Medical Executive Committee Vice Chief

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Brett Godbout, MD
Orthopedics, Medical Executive Committee Vice Chief
Dr. Brett Godbout is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in the Lehigh Valley and East Stroudsburg. He specializes in hip and knee replacements and sports injuries.

Brett Godbout, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon for Coordinated Health, part of Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Dr. Godbout graduated from State University New York in 1982 and went on to do his internship and surgical residency at Brown University. He did his fellowship at the American Sports Medical Institute at South Highland Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. Godbout is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and Fellow of American College of Sports Medicine. He specializes in sports medicine and total joint replacements.

He is an avid runner, marathoner, skier and golfer.



Colgate University, Hamilton, New York, A.B. Biology, Biological Sciences Honor Society, 1973-1976

Medical School

State University of New York Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, New York, Medical Degree with Honors, 1978-1982


Brown University, Combined Surgical Residency Program, 1982-1983


Brown University, Combined Surgical Residency Program, 1983-1984


Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, Integrated Program in Orthopedics, Providence Rhode Island 02902, Chief Resident - July, 1987 - July, 1988, 1984-1988


American Sports Medicine Institute, South Highland Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama, 1989- 1990

Services Provided

  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Knee surgery
  • Hip surgery
11 Testimonials
Dr. Godbout Has a Great Bedside Manner
“ Dr. Godbout, he is always clear & concise with his diagnosis and his explanation of your problem. He has a good bedside manner and enjoyable to talk to. He just a great person as well as a doctor. ”
Under Dr. Goudbout’s Care For Over 20 years
“ I first started seeing Dr Godbout as a patient for my knee over 20 years ago when Coordinated Health was Sports Medicine. Since then he has replaced my right knee and also re-replaces my left knee which was badly infected. Before he did the delicate surgery he attended many symposiums. He was very reassuring and really cared. This was a very tough time for me and he was very helpful. He has recently operated on my shoulder, and I can't say enough about the entire Coordinated Health experience. From Dr. Godbout to the hospital and to therapy, all is friendly and reassuring. I recommend Dr Godbout to everyone who asks me about my doctor. ”
Brett Godbout Calmed my Fears
“ Brett Godbout is my guy!! He is always able to calm fears, is extremely personable, is a surgeon to be trusted. After many orthopedic procedures, I am a whole person and able to live a normal and satisfying life. ”
Dr. Godbout Is Highly Recommended
“ Dr. Godbout has done successful knee surgeries and procedures on both my left and right knee. He makes you feel comfortable and easy while still keeping a professional demeanor and atmosphere. I would recommend him to anyone. ”
Two Thumbs Up
“ I have used CHS over years and I will always recommend. I have had Linda, Chad and Alexander as PT as well as other PT's on rotation Saturdays./ All the PT are professional, informational and nice as well. Dr. Godbout is wonderful and as is Dr. Stoll. 2 thumbs up!!! CHS!!!!!!!!! ”
Total knee replacement
“ Dr. Godbout tried everything before he did the knee replacement because I was young to have it done. He is the must caring orthopedic doctor that I have had the pleasure of meeting. We know in the future that the left knee will need to be replaced also, but I know he will do everything he can to save that knee until it is to late to save. ”
Debra M. from Berhlehem, PA
Minor Setback for Major Comeback
“ I've had nothing but gret experiences with all indivdiuals who work for Coordinated Health. Before entering high school, I had always shrugged off injuries and never really taken a break from competing. Coming from a dad who's in college athletics as a coach the mentality was shake it off you'll be fine . I think that helped me become more "thick skinned" and didn't let minor things stop me. Starting varsity field hockey as a freshman came with a long list of demands from my coach and myself. I wanted to better myself but I hit a bump in the road. I experience some knee pain which I thought was soreness but it wasn't. After seeing our trainer at the time (Christina), she referred me to Dr.Godbout. Dr,Godbout diagnosed me with patellafemora syndrome and told me to rehab at Liberty. Although I missed 3 games freshman year, I was pleased with my diagnosis and treatment. The syndrome in my knee is one that can go away for years and can be triggered to comeback. Despite my treatment with the trainers at school, I still experienced pain. Throughout my sophomore career I was constantly with Steph rehabing and getting treatment but nothing helped. So back to Godbout I went who gave me the same diagnosis and sent me to physical therapy. My experience with Michael Price was one that will remain a fantastic memory. He pushed me as hard as I could take and never let me settle. My coach Phil Danaher had rave reviews about Mike who helped Phil get back to playing. One year later Godbout made the decision for me to have surgery. It was a call that scared me but now I'm grateful for it. Three weeks out of surgery I'm feeling better then I ever have. My parents have helped nuture me back to somewhat health. I'm back in rehab with Mike and his assistant Ramon who never fail to make Physical therapy entertainable. My surgery was minor but affected my life and recruiting process drasticaly. I'm a junior who is ready to take on the challenges of next season with a full head of steam. The road ahead of me is long and filled with many challenges to overcome. One thing I can say is that I attribute my continued progess and success to my fantastic surgeron Brett Godbout and my physical therapists Mike and Ramon. ”
Jalen W. from Bethlehem, PA
Quick recovery
“ I had sprained my ankle pretty badly while practicing for track and field at Moravian College. Dr. Godbout made sure I was in a walking boot and out of it within a couple of weeks so that I could compete at landmarks that outdoor season ”
Kyle K. from Albrightsville, PA
Dr. Godbout is the best, no one else will ever touch me!!
“ I have been a patient of Dr. Godbout's since 2000 due to a workers comp injury. He stood up for me against the insurance nurse case manager that came along to my appointments and tried to tell him what to do. He basically told her that he was the doctor and he knew what was best for me. I rehabed very fast after surgery and was released from his care. Well, then I had other "accidents" over the years-too many to list and I stayed with Dr. Godbout as my orthopedic surgeon and CHS in general. When I hear people complain about their orthopedic surgeon I say go see Dr. Godbout. I will never let another orthopedic touch me so please do not retire anytime soon as I still need to have my acl reconstruction and meniscus repair. Besides Dr. Godbout I utilize Pulse, Dr. Duffy, Dr. Stoll who replaced Dr. Hinke, Dr. Quintana, Dr. Ming who was my heart doctor before he came to CHS, the pt department over the last 15 years, xray, mri and Dr. Chiappetta. Thank you for hiring TOP TALENTED DOCTORS AND STAFF!!!! ”
Karen B. from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Great Knee Replacement Experience
“ Having my right knee replaced was a scary thing. It impacted my life and my job, where I had to walk around and stand for 8 hours a day. After finding a new line of work, my left knee started to act up. Dr. Godbout did not want to do the knee replacement because I was young, but there was no choice, and everyone I came in contact with both times was great. The hospital was awesome. I had my own room and ordered what I wanted to eat. The Physical Therapy team rocked. They got me moving for the better. The whole CHS Team is great. I would not go anywhere else for orthopedic needs. ”
Debra M. from Bethlehem, PA
Knee Replacement
“ After dealing with severe pain in both knees for several years someone suggested I see Dr. Brett Godbout. I previously tried injections and PT prior to meeting with Dr. Godbout but nothing helped. After reviewing everything, it was decided that I needed knee replacement. I was 'bone-on-bone' in both knees. I can't thank Dr Godbout and all the staff at Coordinated Health enough. Dr Godbout, the PT (also Brett) and the hospital staff were all extremely kind and helpful. I finally feel like I have my life back and am able to do things that I missed doing. If you are dealing with knee pain, I highly recommend Dr. Godbout and the staff at Coordinated Health. ”
Linda D. from Phillipsburg, New Jersey
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