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Physical Therapy

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Brett Werkheiser, PT
Physical Therapy

Brett Werkheiser, PT, received his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He has special interest in the shoulder, knee and ankle. In his free time, Brett enjoys running and other sports activities.

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Leg Surgery with Dr. Brigido has Improved the Quality of My Life
“ I’m nobody special. I’m not an athlete or exercise fanatic. I’m just an ordinary person who happens to be a teacher. My story started last spring when I got ambitious and started running. I joined First Strides to start moving. It was exercise and that’s supposed to make you healthier and fit. I figured it would help with the stiffness and soreness I felt every morning when I woke up. And guess what—it did. I learned to stretch and run, though not quickly. I even managed to finish two 5K races, lowering my time by over 5 minutes from the first race to the second. This was a significant improvement; the reality, however, was I was in pain and did not know why. I called up Coordinated Health. Coordinated Health is a great place. It’s a place where you are put in the hands of a team who works together to get you better. My first point of contact was with the foot and ankle center. I saw Dr. Brigido and he told me I had Achilles tendonitis and heel spurs. The good news is he knew how to fix it. He is not surgery happy and is always happy to discuss options. Physical therapy with Katie was non-invasive and improved my strength and flexibility. Unfortunately, it did not eliminate the pain and tightness I still felt. Dr. Brigido ended up doing endoscopic gastroc release and my left leg felt much better. After surgery came more physical therapy, this time with Brett and Kiira. They were incredibly patient teaching me new “tricks” to improve my strength and increase flexibility. I even got lessons on muscles and tendons in the legs. I found out where the quads and calves are. Who would know there is a right and wrong way to walk? Apparently the right way is heel, ball, toe. Then, when your face looks very intense, (I suspect Brett did this for fun) I had to walk and count backward from 100 by threes. Now, on a good day I don’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Often I have bad math days, but the point was for me to walk without thinking about it. And the neat part,--it worked and entertained anyone who listened to my version of subtraction. Brett and Kiira were incredibly patient. Every time I got comfortable doing an exercise they increased the difficulty. The best part of physical therapy was when Kiira or Brett stretched me. For some odd reason Brett said he was going to torture me, but the reality is it felt awesome! Kiira stretches patients very well and she gets the prize for best stretcher overall. I credit them for teaching me how to walk down steps correctly again. They listened to me as I told them how I felt and adjusted the physical therapy program accordingly. Sadly as my left leg got stronger the right leg got tighter. It was the Achilles tendon, one of the biggest tendons in the body. I did not get relief so I had a second surgery last week. This surgery has improved the quality of my life since it relieved the tightness that woke me up every night for over a month. To imagine how I felt, think of a guitar string which is stretched very tightly and looks like it’s going to pop. I am only 6 days out of my surgery and I feel like a new woman. I know I have physical therapy ahead of me. But I take comfort in the fact that I know Coordinated Health will be able to assist me. Most importantly, they will listen to me and help me to resume a normal, productive, and happy life. ”
Experience from ACL replacement
“ I was a 67 year old who ruptured the acl tendon in my left knee. Dr. Luchetti thought that my age may hinder recovery so I may not be back to the sport I love, tennis for up to a year. Well thanks to his skilled hands and knowledge, I am back on court in a little less than 8 months(with some restrictions). I cannot express in words enough gratitude to him and the rehab team of Brett Werkheiser and his assistant Stephanie. Words are not enough to relay not only the professional care that I received but the personal care above and beyond expectations. I am forever indebted to Coordinated Health for the service and care that I received from everyone from the Surgeon to the receptionists. Thank God for what you provided to me and even though I don't expect injuries, I would not hesitate to return or recommend CH for return to healthy life styles. Again, Thank You ”
Frank H. from Pen Argyl, PA
Unbelieveable Professional
“ Just a great experience with Brett and assistant Stephanie. Thanks to the superior knowledge that my therapists possess in rehabbing my surgical repaired knee, I can get back to doing the sport I love, tennis. Unbelievable the professional and personal care I received and because of them, my rehab was accelerated well more than anticipation. Being 67 years old was only a number that was ignored and gave me the confidence to excel. Not only excel but return to my active life in less that 8 months. ACL rehab could not have been any better than the positive outlook that my CH team of Brett and Sephanie gave me. Love you both and Thank You so much, words can't express my gratitude.....Thank You...Frank ”
Frank H. from Pen Argyl, PA
Dr. Godbout is the best, no one else will ever touch me!!
“ I have been a patient of Dr. Godbout's since 2000 due to a workers comp injury. He stood up for me against the insurance nurse case manager that came along to my appointments and tried to tell him what to do. He basically told her that he was the doctor and he knew what was best for me. I rehabed very fast after surgery and was released from his care. Well, then I had other "accidents" over the years-too many to list and I stayed with Dr. Godbout as my orthopedic surgeon and CHS in general. When I hear people complain about their orthopedic surgeon I say go see Dr. Godbout. I will never let another orthopedic touch me so please do not retire anytime soon as I still need to have my acl reconstruction and meniscus repair. Besides Dr. Godbout I utilize Pulse, Dr. Duffy, Dr. Stoll who replaced Dr. Hinke, Dr. Quintana, Dr. Ming who was my heart doctor before he came to CHS, the pt department over the last 15 years, xray, mri and Dr. Chiappetta. Thank you for hiring TOP TALENTED DOCTORS AND STAFF!!!! ”
Karen B. from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Knee Replacement
“ After dealing with severe pain in both knees for several years someone suggested I see Dr. Brett Godbout. I previously tried injections and PT prior to meeting with Dr. Godbout but nothing helped. After reviewing everything, it was decided that I needed knee replacement. I was 'bone-on-bone' in both knees. I can't thank Dr Godbout and all the staff at Coordinated Health enough. Dr Godbout, the PT (also Brett) and the hospital staff were all extremely kind and helpful. I finally feel like I have my life back and am able to do things that I missed doing. If you are dealing with knee pain, I highly recommend Dr. Godbout and the staff at Coordinated Health. ”
Linda D. from Phillipsburg, New Jersey
Several visits with Brett for shoulder pain
“ Brett from the get go was disciplined ,knowledgeable, and more than capable of treating my problem. He cared and would take it slow with proper techniques and exercises. Brett had explained that he can help the shoulder with motion and pain. That's what he did and I will get no surgery at this point. Coordinated Health is very well managed with all staff members knowledgeable in their field. Thanks again Brett and staff ”
Barry B. from Bethlehem, PA
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