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Dave Bower, COTA/L

Occupational Therapy

3 Patient Stories
Dave Bower, COTA/L
Occupational Therapy

David Bower, COTA/L, graduated from Penn State University (Associate in Applied Science). He has special expertise in upper extremity diagnoses, specifically with the elbow.

4 Testimonials
Kelly and Sunshine Went Out Of Their Way
“ Kelly and Sunshine went out of their way to accomadate my needs. Offered all kinds of support and help. Dave and Denise also were helpful. It was wonderful to work with such a caring staff. Their main concern is the patient ”
Best Comeback
“ After being injured at another hospital and following the mandated 90 days of workman's comp policies, I came straight to Coordinated Health Rehab and received nothing but the best! The exercises and stretches were superior. I rehabbed quickly and was back to unrestricted duties in no time! Coordinated Health is really the best! I recommend them to every one! ”
Rosa B. from Allentown, PA
Great Experience
“ Dave and Stephanie are the absolute best to work with. They help excel, and want the best outcome for there patients. It's been a pleasure having them help me heal and get back on track the last couple of months. ”
Briana O. from Allentown, Pennsylvania
Hand Therapy with the BEST OT TEAM ever
“ My story began in Mexico with a fall on marble tile. It continued with a brace to allow tendons in my hand to heal. I wore a brace for six long weeks on my right hand. I was so excited when the brace came off and then realized my hand was stuck and did not move or function the way a normal hand should. I learned how to do many common tasks with my left hand. It was not fun and very frustrating at times. I must admit it really stretched my patience at times. Fortunately for me I went to Coordinated Health and the team of occupational therapists from Bethlehem and Easton helped me. I worked with Denice, Dave, Stephanie, and Ben. Every one of these therapists helped me on my journey to a functional hand. They were all very supportive as I learned how to make my fingers and thumb work again. Simple things like opening a jar, turning a key, and turning a door knob were a challenge. But here’s something to keep in mind-tell the therapist what you want to do and he/she will give you an activity to help achieve it. All of the therapists I worked with have a sense of humor. When I first started with a clothes pin activity to pick up marbles I inadvertently had Dave scrambling to pick up the ones that escaped my grip. All the therapists listened and sometimes laughed at my method of doing my exercises in a practical manner. For instance, instead of picking up coins, I picked up M & M’s for decorating my M & M cookies. It seriously improved my fine motor skills. Getting my fingers stronger was very therapeutic. The best part was pounding the clay with a round peg. One of the most important things about therapy is the patient needs to do therapy at home and be seriously invested in healing. Some days I was just not in the mood to play with clay so I did the next best thing: I made cookie dough and yeast dough for cinnamon buns. I am very grateful to all my therapists. You all cared about me and helped me recover from the worst injury I have had in my life. Thank you very much! ”
D D. from Easton, PA
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