Coordinated Health

Emil DiIorio, MD

Chairman & CEO

Emil DiIorio, MD
Chairman & CEO

Coordinated Health CEO Dr. Emil DiIorio is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon, engineer, business owner, artist, and healthcare industry thought leader.

Dr. DiIorio received a Bachelor of Engineering from New York University, and went on to work as a systems engineer at Grumman Aerospace Corporation. While working with the Apollo Space Program, he learned about the effect of lift-off on the human body, and developed an interest in human anatomy.

Following his passion for medical innovation and advancement, Dr. DiIorio moved to Belgium and earned a Master of Science in Anatomy from the University of Ghent. He returned to the United States to complete his Doctor of Medicine degree at Boston University.

Dr. DiIorio completed his orthopedic surgery residency at the prestigious Lahey Clinic at Boston University, and founded Coordinated Health in the Lehigh Valley in 1988. 


New York University, Bachelor of Engineering, 1969


University of Ghent, Belgium, Master of Sciences (Anatomy), 1974

Medical School

University of Ghent, Belgium/M.D., Clinical; Boston University Medical Center, 1978


Framingham Union Hospital / Boston University, 1978


Orthopedic Surgery, Boston University / Lahey Clinic, 1979-1983

7 Testimonials
Dr. DiIorio Helps Dancer Recover from Knee Injury
“ I 've been Dr. DiIorio's patient since 2005 for a knee injury. I was very pleased with how he treated me. He explained everything so I could understand what he was talking about. I did not have to feel embarrassed or nervous when I asked questions regarding my injury and the treatment option plan. He was very kind and caring as well. I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. DiIorio as a doctor and as a teacher. He is excellent with teaching and presenting the material to the audience ("Art of Medicine" Show). Thanks to Dr. DiIorio I am continuing to dance and lead an active life. ”
Sylvia P.
Dr. DiIorio Takes Time
“ Dr. Dilorio is my favorite doctor.  He always takes the time to fully explain what is wrong and what he will do to correct my injury.  He has an excellent manner about himself and is always very warm and friendly. ”
Dr. DiIorio Understands
“ Dr. Diorio is my favorite doctor, he takes the time to explain and draw things out for you so you can better understand what's going on. He tries to be very understanding. ”
Dr. DiIorio Cares
“ Dr. DiIorio. Not only does he care about the safety of his patients, but he also takes the time to explain things to them if they do not understand. He also cares about his employees and Coordinated Health's future. ”
Dr. DiIorio Shows Compassion
“ Dr. Dilorio, he is understandable shows compassion, helpful with my questions, is there for me 100%.  ”
Dr. Abrams: The Best Rheumatologist in the Lehigh Valley
“ Albert Abrams.... I think he is the best rheumatologist in the Lehigh Valley. He is caring and always ready to talk to you. Stress can causes flairs in your arthritis and lead to joint destructions. He always makes you feel that you are the only patients he has in the office. His staff is so helpful. I am a remicade patient. So I am in the office about 3-4 hours a months. It is amazing things you see sitting there for 3 hours. I also had a total knee replacement that Dr. Dilorio did for me. He was wonderful. I have complete range of motion in my knee. No more pain. ”
Doctor who helps Coordinated health to be truly “Better Together”
“ I first came to Coordinated health in 2005 when I injured my right knee. I was treated by Dr. Diiorio. He treated me with respect, care and understanding. He was very patient with me and took the time to explain everything to me.Dr. Doherty came highly recommended to me by a few people I knew. I started seeing her for routine check ups and when I was not feeling well in 2014. She has been my Primary Care Physician since March 2014 and I continue to see her for check ups. She has always been caring and patient with me. She took her time to put me at ease and explained everything so I would understand what I needed to know. She never rushed through any of my appointments. Along with Dr. Diiorio, Dr. Doherty is a wonderful asset to Coordinated Health. ”
Sylvia P. from Bath, PA
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