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Joseph Conway, PT

Physical Therapy

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Joseph Conway, PT
Physical Therapy

Joseph Conway, PT, graduated from the College of Misericordia 1999. He focuses on manual therapeutic techniques, but has more than 12 years of experience in a variety of clinical settings.

Joseph was recognized as one of the 2011 (Wilkes-Barre) Times Leader’s under-40 achievers. He enjoys skiing, hunting fishing, and, most of all, spending time with his wife and two daughters.

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Joe Conway Was The Best
“ Joe Conway was the best, very respectful, professional, and knowledgable & helpful. Thank you SO much. Ryan (front desk) is #1. Joe, Anthony, Brenda and Jack are all fantastic. I am very pleased with your services you provided and your staff. My therapist, JOE, couldn't have been more helpful. They were friendly, but yet very professional in every manner. They were all very helpful to me. I loved going to therapy. I hated to say Goodbye and I know in my heart, I couldn't have made the same progress anywhere else. Thank you. ”
Joe Conway
“ Working with Joe Conway as my therapist was the best time spent. He made sure that I understood everything we did and he explained what muscle groups and parts of the body he was trying to work. Joe has a great attitude and tries to make therapy fun. I would recommend Joe to anyone. ”
Andrea S. from West Hazleton, PA
Best Therapist ever
“ After finishing physical therapy for many months I can walk and do more than I ever did before. Working with Joe Conway was the best thing I ever did. Joe put his heart and soul into working with me and involving students to help them understand my problems. I went through extensive therapy and was given the support and care that made a big difference in my healing. I would certainly suggest that anyone who needs therapy should work with Joe Conway. ”
Andrea S. from West Hazleton, PA
Grateful for Joe’s Help
“ Even though I just completed Physical Therapy recently, I will always remember Joe Conway and the other therapist who gave me so much support and love while I worked through pain and anguish in my therapy. Joe Conway showed me that by working hard at home and at therapy, I could excel and walk better than I had before. I could always call Joe and get support and help when I had problems. I know that a lot of the success came from my hard work, but also came from the support and pushing from Joe was all worth it. I thank them all. ”
Andrea S. from West Hazleton, PA
Orthopedics and Physical Therapy
“ I have been working with Dr Falvello and Joe Conway for a long time and just finished my physical therapy. I can not tell you how wonderful each person has been to me. I would always come back to them both for any and all my conditions. ”
Andrea S. from West Hazleton, PA
“ You have a wonderful, friendly staff. The staff made me feel very comfortable. They worked me to the best of my ability. I would recommend anyone to do their therapy with coordinated health. ”
Catherine F. from Drums, PA
Hazleton facility
“ The staff at the Hazleton facility is great. They have been very helpful in my recovery. There were days I didn't think I could go on, but they knew I could and would encourage me to try. They are a great group and I would recommend this group to anyone. ”
Denise W. from Hazle Township, Pennsylvania
Grateful to my Doctors and Therapists
“ I am very lucky to have such a wonderful support team. All my doctors and therapists support me and help me to get to my goals. Having Dr; Falvello and Dr Duffy to help manage my special problems has been a godsend for me. I have a specific problem with my knee and also my spine and I could not have gotten a better team to help me along the way. Also, Joe Conway a terrific therapist to support and cheer me on every step of the way. Joe is always cheering me on and giving me the will to keep going. I have to say that without this team I would not be doing the best I am now. These people deserve a great big thank you . ”
Andrea S. from West Hazleton, PA
Best PT!
“ Joe Conway was the 1st therapist I saw after my TKR DONE by Dr. Falvello. He was caring,professional, encouraging through out my PT sessions. His personality and demeanor where just what I needed to stay positive and do as well as I did. He was also there for me when I had my 2nd TKR 5 months later. He and everyone at Coordinated Health PT made me feel like family. Joe's the best! Just the person you need after surgery. I actually miss him and the rest of the team! ”
Susan S. from Glen Lyon, PA
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