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Kati Holmes, M.S., LAT, ATC, ITAT

Athletic Trainer, Palisades High School

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Kati Holmes, M.S., LAT, ATC, ITAT
Athletic Trainer, Palisades High School

Kati is an athletic trainer at Palisades High School in Kintnersville, PA, and been with Coordinated Health since 2007. She graduated from the University of New England in Biddeford Maine, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Athletic Training (2007), and from East Stroudsburg University with a Masters of Science degree in Athletic Training (2008). She was a Member of the Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society. While at ESU, Kati completed a graduate assistantship with CH within the Sports Medicine Program & the Wrist & Hand department. Prior to working at Palisades High School, Kati worked at Pius X High School. In 2008, she became the Head Athletic Trainer for Pius X High School until she left to join Palisades High School. A Maine native, Kati was selected to be on the Medical Sweep Team at the 2014 118th Boston Marathon as an Athletic Trainer for the Finish Line. Recently, Kati acted heroically to assist in saving the life of a bus driver at Palisades High School. Read about her role in the incident and how she was honored here: https://coordinatedhealth.com/news/athletic-trainer-kati-holmes-honored-for-heroism/

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My visit was literally life changing.
“ On June 20, 2013 myself and my father were in a motorcycle accident on my way to football summer training. After being rushed by ambulance to Pocono Medical Center it was determined I had snapped my humerus clean in half. It was set that day and put in a sling. After many weeks visiting the Orthopedic Surgeons appointed me by the hospital, my arm was no better and in fact worse. I was basically left in a crippled state, and my sports days looked very bleak. I am a three sport athlete, and it was a devastating blow. Kati Holmes is the Athletic Trainer at Pius X High School where i was attending and spoke with my parents almost on a daily basis. Kati suggested we get a second opinion as we had photos of the x-rays of the original break, and what I was left with and she was very concerned. My mom called Coordinated Health and it was going to be a while before I could get in for a consultation. Kati brought the pictures in to the office and out of concern by the entire staff at the Wind Gap CH, I was scheduled for the end of that same week. My arm had already set and was very crooked and I had very little use of my arm. We were scheduled to see Dr. Weiss the Ortho Dr in the Wing Gap office. Dr Weiss was honest in saying he would not touch my arm and actually got me in to see Dr. Brogel the Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon at St Lukes. We were so grateful for Dr Weiss being honest in saying we really needed the top guy in the field. One week later I had surgery. With 8 screws and a plate I could wiggle my fingers, and started to feel pretty great. 3 weeks after surgery I played in my first basketball game. Dr Brogel thought long and hard before releasing me but thought the extension would release my scar tissue, you see my arm was frozen initially at 33 degrees. Now I want you to know that Kati was right there with me all the time, icing, rubbing it out and moral support. This past fall I was a Wide Receiver on Pius X football varsity team. I had an amazing season, played every game, and yes Kati was still right there beside me. Did I mention we won the District 11 Championship? So Coordinated Health its Doctors and the best Athletic Trainer in the business gave a 14 year old his life back. Without them I would be a bench warmer, I havent seen much of the bench thanks to them. Kati was a huge support system for my mom. My mom would have a question about something going on with my arm, and Kati was right there with the answer. If she didn't know it she would find out and get right back to her. So you see I went from hopeless to hopeful to living the life I love. Football Field, Basketball Court and Baseball Field. Thank you Coordinated Health, Dr Weiss, and Kati Holmes. You Rocked My World. ”
Jon M. from Mount Bethel, Pa
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