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Lea Brashears, PT, MPT, OCS

Physical Therapy Clinical Team Leader

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Lea Brashears, PT, MPT, OCS
Physical Therapy Clinical Team Leader

Lea Brashears, PT, MPT, OCS, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado and at the top of her class with a Master of Physical Therapy from Chapman University. She became an orthopedic clinical specialist in 2006.

Lea is the team leader of the Coordinated Health campus at Greenwood Avenue. She specializes in patellofemoral pain, ankle and gait dysfunction, osteotispubis/hip dysfunction, and shoulder injuries.

Lea enjoys sports and running.

3 Testimonials
Great Job
“ Lea is a very personable and approachable professional. She carefully listened to my concerns/questions and explained what and why she was doing/recommending. Lea's great!  ”
Working with Lea made all the difference.
“ Orthopaedic surgery is just the beginning. Recovery from the surgery is the most important part. Lea is-hands down-not only a terrific physical therapist, but, she is a caring and compassionate individual. I truly believe I recovered as quickly as I did due to Lea. She's the best!  ”
Linda H. from Coopersburg, PA
Outstanding Physical Therapy
“ I had rotator cuff repair (3 tears) in April of 2018. CH arranged for a PT to come to my home to start me on the road to recovery. Lea was awesome. She made such a difference for the better in how I was feeling and healing. She was patient to the nth degree. A good listener, too, as I tend to ramble once I get started. The exercises and manipulation she put me through definitely were uncomfortable but she did it in such a way that made it not that terrible and was ALMOST fun. Great personality, truly professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I looked forward to her visits. ”
Nancy S. from Coopersburg, PA
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