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Leo Scarpino, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

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Leo Scarpino, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Leo Scarpino specializes in total hip, knee and shoulder replacements. He was named one of the best doctor’s in America...

Dr. Leo Scarpino is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Coordinated Health, part of Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Dr. Scarpino is a nationally recognized board certified orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in total hip, knee and shoulder replacements. He performs the anterior approach to total hip replacements, as well as arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs and arthroscopic knee procedures including anterior cruciate ligament replacements. He is a member of the American College of Sport’s Medicine.





Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, New York, Bachelor of Science, 1970

Medical School

State University of New York at Syracuse Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY, Doctor of Medicine, 1974


West Virginia University Medical Center, Morgantown, WV, Surgical Internship, 1974-1975


State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, Orthopedic Residency, 1975-1979


Fellow, International College of Surgeons, 1982


American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1983


Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, 1983


Fellow of the American Academy of Disability, Evaluating Physicians, 1988

Services Provided

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Special interest in hips
  • Anterior approach to total hip replacement
6 Testimonials
Top-Notch Operation
“ I want to let you know how pleased I am with my experience at Coordinated Healthcare. I had a hip replacement surgery by Dr. Leo Scarpino. The entire experience was first rate and I would be willing to testify to that any time. Very positive results and very satisfied with the treatment from all of the care providers at Coordinated Healthcare. You have a top-notch operation! ”
Would Recommend Dr. Scarpino to Anyone
“ I had terrible hip pain for the last couple of years until I finally said, enough is enough. I read an article about Dr. Scarpino performing a newer procedure called the Anterior approach. The first time I met him, I knew right away that he was the surgeon I wanted, to rid me of the pain. I am very grateful to Dr. Scarpino, not only for the excellent care and his sincere personality, but for getting me back on track so fast. I was walking without a cane after only 3 weeks, back to work in 8 weeks. Just a great all around experience. Would recommend Dr. Scarpino to anybody who needed a total hip replacement. To anybody who needs a hip replaced, just remember the words: Anterior Approach. There is no cutting away of the muscle or tendons, which means less evasive and faster healing! ”
Thanks for the fantastic treatment
“ I am a very satisfied patient of Coordinated Health, and just want to say Thank You. I have recently relocated here from Arizona and was looking for orthopedic help. I did not know who to choose or even where to begin so I chose at random. I chose OAA that was the biggest mistake of my life. The people there were rude , did not return phone calls and would not help me in an emergency. On a recent trip back to Arizona I decided to go back to the group I had used out there. They told me I needed a bilateral hip replacement and I would be better off getting it in Pa. I got on the internet and did some research on top hip replacement surgeons and found Dr. Scarpino.I did not have to wait forever for an appointment and he took care of matters immediately when I did see him. I was treated like royalty. Since then I have had to use the pt services along with the services of Dr. Goldberg. No matter whom I see at Coordinated Health I am treated with respect. The staff is very friendly in every way. I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with all of Coordinated Health and I fell that Coordinated Health needs to hear praise when praise is due. Thank You for all your timeJean Stalowski ”
Jean S. from Walnutport, PA
Great experience
“ Three weeks ago, October 6, 2015, I had a total-hip replacement on my left side. I had worn out the cartilage in the hip by 2010, after 20+ years of high-mileage running (80-110miles/week). Five years of weight training (added 25 lbs of body weight) and stationary cardio, along with a stemcell/cartilage combo injection, helped postpone the inevitable. I did research on surgeons and techniques, deciding on Coordinated Health and Dr. Scarpino who uses the anterior approach (which entails a minimal scare compared to traditional hip surgery, and no cutting through muscles), while continuing to do leg workouts to ensure as a good a muscle composition as possible prior to surgery. The first three weeks post-op exceeded everyone’s expectations. Within eight hours of the surgery I was up walking, and with 24 hours I was walking on my own and doing stairs with minimal assistance for a cane. I was released after one night in the hospital, and was walking 40-50 minutes a day within the first three days; pain killers were ditched after two days. On day four post-op I even went out to dinner with friends, dressed completely normally. By the fifth day I was walking mostly without a cane, and by the sixth day I completed physical therapy for weeks one through five. I was now driving myself, had returned to work full time, and was climbing stairs normally (alternating legs, that is). My rapidly diminishing pain was predominantly from soreness after sitting for extended periods of time; there was only minimal pain at the surgery site, and this would disappear completely by day 10. Day eleven people did not even realize I had surgery, and I returned to the gym to by day 12, doing easy biking for 20-30 minutes, and upper body weight training (seated or reclined machines only). At the two week mark I completed all PT, while deciding to do an additional two weeks of some flexibility exercises on my own in the gym and at home. By the end of week two I was walking up hills and dancing at a wedding, all pain free and with minimal stiffness. All swelling was now gone, and the x-rays looked great. By week three I had returned to all my previous activities short of lower-body weight training (which will commence in week 7), and no one could tell by my walk that II had surgery. No one, including myself, wants a hip replacement, but if pain prevents you from engaging in desired activities at the level you want, then it may be necessary. I credit having a great surgeon and being physically fit heading into with the rapid recovery, even more so than with any previous injury or surgery. ”
LEIF JOHAN E. from East Stroudsburg, PA
Dr. Scarpino Gave Me Back My Life
“ Dr. Scarpino gave me back my mobility and sanity after years of wretched arthritis in my 46 year old knee. I walk without a limp for the first time in years; I no longer have to crawl up steps. He is attentive, extremely knowledgeable and allayed my fears about my TKR . He and the staff at CH were extremely caring following surgery. I'm ready for the next new knee! ”
Claudia M. from Wescosville, PA
My Experience
“ Dr. Scarpino just completed my second total hip replacement, and once again it was a success. I suffered with severe hip pain for several years until I decided to get some relief. Dr. Scarpino was kind, caring and pleasant. His expertise is superb, and I can't thank him enough. He truly gave me back my life! I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from joint discomfort. Thank you Dr. Scarpino! ”
Janet S. from Coopersburg, PA
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