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Molly Boylan, MS, LAT, ATC

Athletic Trainer, Pocono Mountain High School West

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Molly Boylan, MS, LAT, ATC
Athletic Trainer, Pocono Mountain High School West
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11 Weeks and Doing Well!
“ Dear Molly, Dr. Meade & RJ, Thank you all for the care you provided me with my knee surgery. You all are the very best in your field and how fortunate I am to have had your services. It’s now 11 weeks since my surgery and I’m doing real well. Although still taking therapy, I’m actually able to walk, do all regular tasks and am no longer thinking of my knee or feeling any funny, different sensations. It’s great to not think of a knee or it’s stiffness and pain every hour or so! All of us here in the Lehigh Valley are so very lucky to have you all and your medical services available- you are the very best! Thank you again and stay well! ”
J. F.
My visit saved my shins!
“ During the cross country season of 2013 I developed mild shin splints in both legs. I came to Rich and Evelyn for a resolution, the first thing they told me to do was ice bath. I started to do this after practice everyday and this was a quick solution and worked. The track season of 2014 my shin splints came back worse than before, they took a more detailed look at the anatomy of my legs and realized I was flat footed, my calf muscles were tight and my hip and butt muscles were to weak. Since then, each season Rich and Evelyn have done various exercises, stretches and therapies to help my shin splints. Some have worked more than others, and I continue with physical therapy ever day. ”
Mister S. from Pocono Summit , PA
PMWEST trainers are best
“ I had a strained Hip flexor and Evelyn helped me regain full range of motion and strength in my hip and Rich stretched my hip and helped me the whole time. Molly was the first one to attend to me when i was on the field hurt. ”
Rodney P. from Long Pond, PA
The Trainers at West are great
“ Here at PMWHS the trainers, Molly, Evelyn, and Rich do an awesome job at taking care of our needs. They are quick when they work and they are always very friendly or easy to talk to. They even took on the task of helping me to improve my balance with some special exercises. They are great and I appreciate them so much! ”
Sage B. from Tobyhanna, PA
“ Evie Bear has helped me many times. For example, the time when I hurt my ankle she took me through rehab even though that's the one thing I hate when I get hurt but she's the reason why my ankle is stronger than before. Richie-boo has helped me too when it comes to my back problems and making fun of me when I come into the training room. Also criticizing the way I talk and my pronunciation when I say different words. Molly-Bear has helped me with my hip problems during the volleyball season and doing different exercises and rehab to fix my hip. These three trainers have been doing an amazing job since I've been going to this school, I wouldn't want any of them to change anything about them. ”
Briann H. from Tobyhanna, PA
My visit helped my arm
“ I was at wrestling and broke my arm, Molly was helpful in determining what was wrong and how i should go about dealing with it. i went to care on demand and was referred to Dr. Hernandez who was very helpful in treating me and getting me back to wrestling ”
Kaleb H. from Pocono Lake, PA
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