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Paul Duffy, DC

Department Chair Chiropractic Medicine

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Paul Duffy, DC
Department Chair Chiropractic Medicine
Dr. Paul Duffy... specializes in sports medicine and has dedicated a significant part of his practice to the treatment of soft tissue injuries.

Paul Duffy, DC, is a physician with Coordinated Health, part of Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Dr. Duffy graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1989 and specializes in sports medicine. He has dedicated a significant part of his practice to the treatment of soft-tissue injuries. He is also certified to perform manipulation under anesthesia.

Dr. Duffy is a consultant for Moravian College, Bethlehem Liberty High School, Bethlehem Freedom High School, and Northampton High School. Having been a competitive bodybuilder in college, Dr. Duffy found chiropractic the perfect fit in fulfilling his life-long dream to become a physician.




Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Science, Biology with option in Physiology, 1986


Palmer College of Chiropractic, Doctor of Chiropractic, magna cum laude, 1989

Services Provided

  • All chiropractic services including Graston technique
6 Testimonials
Dr. Duffy Cares
“ Dr. Duffy is my favorite physician because he truly cares about his patients. He is knowledgeable and balanced; displaying empathy and concern to all of his patients.  ”
Dr. Duffy Keeps Family Healthy
“ My families favorite Physician is Dr. Paul Duffy. We have been his patients since the early 90's. His education, experience and thoughtfulness are much appreciated. He takes his time to listen and address your needs as he sees fit.  If he cannot help you, he will put you in touch with someone who can. My family stays healthier during the year due to our Chiropractic care. We value Dr. Paul Duffy and the great staff at CHS. ”
Dr. Duffy Helps Patient Live Life Pain Free
“ Dr. Paul Duffy. When I came to see him for the first time I had given up hope of leading an active life because of the pain from my back condition. Happily I can say that after being treated by him I was pain free for the first time in many months. That was twenty years ago now I run or bike daily and teach physical education at Catasauqua Middle School. I continue to see him to keep my spine working properly. He gave me my life back and I will be forever thankful to him. ”
Dr. Duffy is the “Best of the Best”
“ I have been with Dr. Duffy for almost 10 years and I consider him to be "the best of the best."  He is very intelligent and sincerely cares about his patient(s) and their welfare. And most important, his treatments do heal! ”
Dr. Godbout is the best, no one else will ever touch me!!
“ I have been a patient of Dr. Godbout's since 2000 due to a workers comp injury. He stood up for me against the insurance nurse case manager that came along to my appointments and tried to tell him what to do. He basically told her that he was the doctor and he knew what was best for me. I rehabed very fast after surgery and was released from his care. Well, then I had other "accidents" over the years-too many to list and I stayed with Dr. Godbout as my orthopedic surgeon and CHS in general. When I hear people complain about their orthopedic surgeon I say go see Dr. Godbout. I will never let another orthopedic touch me so please do not retire anytime soon as I still need to have my acl reconstruction and meniscus repair. Besides Dr. Godbout I utilize Pulse, Dr. Duffy, Dr. Stoll who replaced Dr. Hinke, Dr. Quintana, Dr. Ming who was my heart doctor before he came to CHS, the pt department over the last 15 years, xray, mri and Dr. Chiappetta. Thank you for hiring TOP TALENTED DOCTORS AND STAFF!!!! ”
Karen B. from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Coordinated Health. Better. Together.
“ The slogan is Coordinated Health. Better. Together. I think this is an appropriate slogan for me as well. I have been a patient at Coordinated Health for many ailments including Achilles’ tendon issues, tarsal tunnel syndrome, torn meniscus, partially torn ACL, and Morton’s neuroma. The first person I encountered at Coordinated Health was Dr. Brigido. When I saw Dr. Brigido for my neuroma issue I told him about no feeling in my foot. He referred me to Dr. Goldberg for acupuncture and Dr. Duffy for Grafton massage. With these doctors I gained the feeling back in my foot. Dr. Goldberg explained acupuncture and what he would be doing. It didn’t hurt and I felt more feeling in my foot after a couple treatments. Dr. Duffy did Graston massage and removed scar tissue as well as keeping me balanced. He looked at me as a whole person and not just a left foot. Unfortunately, as I was getting treated for that I partially tore my ACL. The great news is that I had acupuncture a few days later and it prevented pain from the ACL issue. Dr. Slenker, the orthopedist who treated me for the ACL, sent me for physical therapy. I have been rehabbing and have avoided surgery. Physical therapy is hard work. I had the team of Katie Pritchard and Deb. Together they helped me strengthen my muscles. They were very patient and kind while teaching me new exercises and doing Graston massage on my tight IT bands. I never knew Graston massage was part of the PT but it is makes such a great difference in loosening tightness and breaking up scar tissue. I’m happy to say I have my last day of PT today. As the slogan goes, Coordinated Health. Better. Together. Thanks for all you all have done! I feel stronger and confident I will stay healthy. If not, I will definitely be back because you have a true team that works together to make me better.Diane DeVivo ”
Diane D. from Easton, PA
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