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Ramon Pedraza, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

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Ramon Pedraza, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant

Ramon Pedraza, PTA, holds an Associate in Applied Science from Lehigh Carbon Community College. He specializes in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries and post-surgery shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle patients. Ramon also has experience treating acute CVA patients.

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Coordinated Health Exceeds UMass for ACL, MCL, LCL Care
“ After blowing out my ACL, MCL, LCL and Meniscus before my senior football season at Worcester Academy in Worcester, Massachusetts, I wondered what my future would look like. Depending heavily upon recruiting to go to college, I was overcome with grief, confusion and doubt. Luckily for me, despite my injury and consequential ACL reconstruction surgery, many schools including Lehigh University still pursued me. I had my first ACL reconstruction in October of 2007, and upon completion of my rehabilitation schedule provided to me by my UMass surgeon, I would be ready to go for my first year of college football. I committed to Lehigh in late November of 2007 and was looking forward to getting back on the field in an even more competitive environment. I arrived at Lehigh in the summer before my freshman year to train with the team and go through even more rehab on my “brand new” left knee. About a month into the season, after noticing some significant instability in recent weeks, my left ACL ruptured again. And again, I faced another reconstructive surgery. After reviewing my MRI results, which I knew would reveal the bad news, Dr. Wayne Luchetti confirmed my belief. However, he also informed me that from the MRI, he deduced that the UMass surgeon who performed my first construction had made some mistakes that were most likely the root cause of my instability and eventual re-tear. At that point I was excited to get the surgery over with and just get back to playing football… again. I had my second ACL surgery at Coordinated Health’s Highland Avenue location with Dr. Luchetti in November of 2008. The disparity between my treatment at UMass and Coordinated Health was incredible. Coordinated Health’s superior post-surgery treatment was clear to me when my surgeon, Dr. Luchetti, came to my hospital room around 11pm the night of my surgery to check in on me and explain how the upcoming months would play out. Nurses came to my room what seemed like every 15 minutes to make sure I was comfortable. The chef also swung by my room to personally take my order (which consisted of scallops, green beans, clam chowder, Caesar salad and cheesecake—a much appreciated break from college food). Though at the time I didn’t really think about the excellent treatment I was getting (probably because of the morphine and the pain), I realized soon after that the nurses, therapists, surgeon and everyone else involved seemed like they were looking after me and making sure that this normally “sucky” experience was as enjoyable as possible. I had been to the Boston Children’s Hospital and various UMass Medical locations for procedures, two of the best hospitals in the country. However, I never left them feeling like I had received the amount of attention, care and expertise that I did when I crutched out of Coordinated Health’s hospital in October of 2008. After surgery, I began the long rehabilitation process yet again. They started me off with Mike Price, a physical therapist at Coordinated Health who just happened to be a fellow Mountain Hawk (Lehigh class of 1999). Working specifically with Mike and Ramon Pedraza, I not only felt like I was making progress on my knee but I also felt like I could talk to them about almost anything. The training staff always had some sort of funny debate going whether it be about sports, the office fantasy football league or oldies music trivia. Entering my sophomore year, after another long year of rehab, I was finally ready to get back on to the field and play some football. My new knee was doing well and I really only had some minor pain and soreness, nothing that wasn’t expected. Practicing for two months, trying to get back into the swing of things after over two years of no football, I felt confident that I could finally make an impact. Again, it was not meant to be. My left shoulder, which had a pre-existing injury form high school, was injured further during practice. Trying to play through it with a brace for stabilization did not work, which was really my only hope of staying active. Dr. Luchetti examined me, sent me for another MRI, and in the end, the labrum in my shoulder was torn almost entirely around. I had Labrum surgery in early January of 2010 with Dr. Luchetti at Coordinated Health and I am currently working on getting back into football shape and looking forward to the 2010 Lehigh football season. Though athletically, I have had a tough time staying healthy, the treatment and individual care I have received from Coordinated Health has made the experiences easier, simpler and more comfortable ”
My life changing experience
“ After tearing my ACL during an AAU basketball game, a college coach who happened to be watching the game, called Coordinated Health to make sure that I got in the next day to see a doctor. Having clear dreams of being a division one athlete, I was faced with the harsh reality that I now had a huge obstacle to get through before I could even be back on the court. Tearing my ACL during prime recruiting season caused many of my top schools to back out. Seeing my dream slowly slip away, only pushed me to work harder so that I could get back faster. My parents were my biggest supporters as well as all of my friends and teammates. After five and a half months, I was back on the court doing what I love. Eventually, I got a full scholarship to play division one basketball at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. ”
Abigail O. from Bethlehem, PA
Surgery and rehab
“ Dr. Luchetti had performed a total knee replacement on my husband a few years ago, so when I had knee pain, I went to him for a diagnosis in December. My knee was bad enough (full of arthritis) that he was willing to do the surgery at any time; but I wasn't in a great deal of pain yet. However, I decided to have the surgery as soon as possible rather than wait until I was in agony and couldn't walk, as my husband had done. My surgery was on Monday February 16. I was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday February 18 and started physical therapy on Friday February 20. and was discharged by the doctor and Mike Price after 8 weeks. Dr. Luchetti is not only an excellent surgeon; but a very caring doctor. He and his staff were always quick to return my phone calls and made it known they were there for me if I needed something. Mike Price is an excellent therapist. He is knowledgeable, willing to listen to his patients, and always there to help when needed. When Mike was not there, Ramon took over and provided the same excellent and caring attention. Surgery is not pleasant; but my experience with both surgery and rehab was very positive and I would recommend Dr. Luchetti as well as Mike and Ramon to anyone needing joint replacement and/or some sort of rehab. ”
Lynn M. from Bethlehem, PA
ARLENE S. from Bath, pa
Physical Therapy
“ Ramon worked with me right after knee replacement. He did a great job. Was very considerate not pushing to hard but enough to get job done. Would recommend him to anyone. ”
Joyce C. from Catasauqua, PA
Can now walk without pain
“ Ramon is the most caring person. He is an excellent therapist. I met him when I had my knee replacement and requested him when I had my hip replaced. I had wonderful results with both. He made therapy fun. Thank you, Ramon. ”
Bernadine W. from Northampton, PA
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