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Scott Wescott, PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapy Clinical Team Leader

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Scott Wescott, PT, DPT, OCS
Physical Therapy Clinical Team Leader

Scott Wescott, PT, DPT, OCS, received his Masters of Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy from Widener University and is a board certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy. Scott also enjoys sports as well as studying science and the complexities of human movement.

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Excruciating Shoulder Pain Fixed
“ I went to see Dr. Scott Stoll for excruciating shoulder pain. Dr. Stoll began the process by first sending me to Dr. Slenker who determined that I had a buildup of calcium and surgery was not indicated. Dr. Stoll did a procedure where he tried to use a saline solution and a needle to attempt to break up the calcium and wash it away but the calcium had been there a long time and it was rock solid and barely changed. Dr. Stoll then sent me to Scott Wescott to see if he could help to alleviate my intense pain. I could not lift my arm above my waist and I lived with constant pain which often woke me up at night. I began seeing Scott twice a week. At first it hurt even more as I got into the rehabilitation program that he developed just for me. Every time I began to lose hope Scott would encourage me by letting me know that he has had many patients with shoulder pain who are now pain free even if the calcium remained. Scott was such a pleasure to work with and he never failed to make me laugh every time! Slowly but surely my shoulder began to feel a little better each day until finally, one day I realized that my pain was gone. I went to Dr. Stoll and requested an x-ray. I wanted to see if the calcium was still there. Much to Dr. Stoll's amazement and mine, the calcium was completely gone! Scott Wescott worked my shoulder in just the right way to make the calcium disappear! I have never had another problem with my shoulder since. Thank you, Scott Wescott. ”
Donna A. from Walnutport, PA
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