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Shirley Forer, PT, DPT, CLT

Physical Therapy

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Shirley Forer, PT, DPT, CLT
Physical Therapy

Shirley Forer, PT, DPT, ATC, graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Exercise Science and Athletic Training license and from University of New England with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has special interest in functional rehabilitation of the lower back and shoulder and gait evaluation.

Shirley worked with Division I athletes from track and field to football. She was the head ATC at Rutgers Preparatory School for five years before going back to school for physical therapy.

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Great Journey
“ Shirley did A GREAT JOB!! I've come a LONG WAY!! I would recommend her to anyone!! THANKS, GREAT JOURNEY!!!  ”
Snowblower Incident
“ Snowblower IncidentBack in early March, after the last snowfall of the year, I was out running my snowblower with the task of clearing out my long driveway. I have a fairly large blower that is quite awkward to handle especially on the turns. Well, on the turns that day, being in a hurry to get the job done, rather than using the snowblower’s engine/ transmission to make the turns, I choose to yank the blower around to get it to face the next row of blowing. In the process I felt something happen to my left upper back/neck area. I finished the job, took a shower, rubbed some Biofreeze on it and rested. Within 24 hours, I began to experience pain in my lower neck to the left of my spine that radiated across my shoulder through my tricep muscles, elbow and into my hand. I knew I was in trouble, this is more than a sore muscle! I realize that I'm 67 years old and have to watch myself, I'm not young anymore, however I’ve always worked out off and on and have been regular at the gym for the past year and a half, so I thought I could handle yanking the blower around.I knew I had to call Coordinated Health and Dr. Kooch to make an appointment. I specifically called him because four years earlier I had injured my lower back resulting in terrible sciatic pain in my leg, which he was able to relieve with treatment, thank God!Dr. Kooch, initially recommended a steroid medication treatment through a pill regime which helped some but not completely. After the MRI he decided to administer a cervical epidural. Not a fun thing to do, but his bedside manner is exceptional. This made my symptoms about 70% better than at the beginning. I thought another epidural would be required to get me back to normal. However, he recommended therapy and strongly reassured me to agree to take this more conservative approach rather than another epidural. I trusted Dr Kooch, because of our previous history, his educational and experience background and his doctor to patient manner.I'm glad he decided that I should do therapy. I worked with my therapist, Shirley Forer, who I might add is absolutely super and extremely competent. Working with Shirley for just two weeks resulted in me becoming pain free, 100% and have full use of the injured area.Coordinated Health’s Dr. Kooch and therapist Shirley are a regular Dynamic Duo....lolThanks Coordinated Health, now this senior citizen can get back to normal life and to the gym. ”
Anthony C. from Easton, Pa
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