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Stephanie Gehman, ATC, LAT, CEAS

Athletic Training Administrative Team Lead

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Stephanie Gehman, ATC, LAT, CEAS
Athletic Training Administrative Team Lead

Stephanie is an AT Administrative Team Lead with primary responsibility for Bethlehem Catholic, Blair Academy, Blue Mountain, Nazareth, Palisades, Pleasant Valley and Schuylkill Haven. Stephanie graduated with honors from Messiah College with a BA in Athletic Training. Following graduation, she worked for several years in Central Pennsylvania at Cumberland Valley HS, the School District of Lancaster and Lancaster Mennonite. Stephanie joined Coordinated Health in 2013 and was assigned to Liberty High School before beginning her administrative career. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband Jesse and their young sons.

3 Testimonials
Minor Setback for Major Comeback
“ I've had nothing but gret experiences with all indivdiuals who work for Coordinated Health. Before entering high school, I had always shrugged off injuries and never really taken a break from competing. Coming from a dad who's in college athletics as a coach the mentality was shake it off you'll be fine . I think that helped me become more "thick skinned" and didn't let minor things stop me. Starting varsity field hockey as a freshman came with a long list of demands from my coach and myself. I wanted to better myself but I hit a bump in the road. I experience some knee pain which I thought was soreness but it wasn't. After seeing our trainer at the time (Christina), she referred me to Dr.Godbout. Dr,Godbout diagnosed me with patellafemora syndrome and told me to rehab at Liberty. Although I missed 3 games freshman year, I was pleased with my diagnosis and treatment. The syndrome in my knee is one that can go away for years and can be triggered to comeback. Despite my treatment with the trainers at school, I still experienced pain. Throughout my sophomore career I was constantly with Steph rehabing and getting treatment but nothing helped. So back to Godbout I went who gave me the same diagnosis and sent me to physical therapy. My experience with Michael Price was one that will remain a fantastic memory. He pushed me as hard as I could take and never let me settle. My coach Phil Danaher had rave reviews about Mike who helped Phil get back to playing. One year later Godbout made the decision for me to have surgery. It was a call that scared me but now I'm grateful for it. Three weeks out of surgery I'm feeling better then I ever have. My parents have helped nuture me back to somewhat health. I'm back in rehab with Mike and his assistant Ramon who never fail to make Physical therapy entertainable. My surgery was minor but affected my life and recruiting process drasticaly. I'm a junior who is ready to take on the challenges of next season with a full head of steam. The road ahead of me is long and filled with many challenges to overcome. One thing I can say is that I attribute my continued progess and success to my fantastic surgeron Brett Godbout and my physical therapists Mike and Ramon. ”
Jalen W. from Bethlehem, PA
They made me better
“ Everyday all three of the trainers helped me treat my shin splints and back problems with smiles on their faces. It was an enjoyable experience each time without fail. The treatments were partnered with conversations about anything going on in the high school as well as the world. ”
Ryan M. from Bethlehem, PA
They helped me get back on my feet
“ I was just a simple Freshman at a new school and I was new to this specific sport and I knew I wasn't in the best shape. Sure enough I land a little to hard on my left foot and I sprain my ankle. I thought my athletic career was over. That was until the trainers at my high school wrapped me up and told me what to do in order to get back out there. I was pleased with my results and now I know that I'm covered if any injuries come my way. ”
Sam M. from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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