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Stephen Brigido, DPM

Department Chair, Foot and Ankle Reconstruction

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Stephen Brigido, DPM
Department Chair, Foot and Ankle Reconstruction
Dr. Stephen Brigido is a nationally recognized surgeon, educator, and researcher on ankle arthritis and total ankle replacements.

Stephen Brigido, DPM, is a foot and ankle surgeon with Coordinated Health, part of Lehigh Valley Health Network.

A nationally recognized surgeon, educator, and researcher on ankle arthritis and total ankle replacements, Dr. Stephen Brigido is a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and is board-certified in both foot surgery and rearfoot/ankle surgery. His focus is in adult reconstruction of the foot and ankle, ankle arthritis, and ankle replacement surgery, as well as treatment of cartilage injuries related to sports injuries.

Dr. Brigido is a graduate of Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia, and received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Temple University. He serves as the director of the Foot and Ankle Fellowship at Coordinated Health.

The fellowship selects physicians who have completed a residency in foot and ankle reconstruction, who are looking to further advance their skills in lower extremity reconstruction. The fellow presents at numerous foot and ankle meetings nationally and also performs research to help solve problems often encountered in foot and ankle surgery. Each fellow spends 12 months at Coordinated Health with Dr. Brigido. The fellowship is recognized by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and was one of the first ten fellowships created in this specialty.

Dr. Brigido is also active in product development and continuing education. He is a regular presenter and lecturer at national and international foot and ankle courses. His research and development interests include acellular regenerative tissue scaffolds and foot and ankle reconstruction. 

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Noteworthy News:

  • Named to the editorial board of Foot and Ankle Specialist, a peer-reviewed orthopedic and podiatric journal focused on foot and ankle reconstruction
  • Contributing author to The Lateral Approach for Total Ankle Replacement, a book by Springer, Inc., due out in 2015 
  • Chairman of the 2014 course, Advances in Total Ankle Arthroplasty in Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Brigido’s extensive list of publications include:

  • Brigido SA, et. al: Biologic Resurfacing of the Ankle and First MTPJ- A two year analysis. Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. October 2009.
  • Brigido SA: Soft Tissue Reconstruction Techniques in the Foot and Ankle. Foot and Ankle Specialist. October 2009.
  • Brigido SA et al.: “Use of Acellur Flowable Regenerative Tissue Scaffold on Sinus Tract Lower Extremity Wounds”. Foot and Ankle Specialist. April 2009.
  • Winters CL, Brigido SA, et al.: A Multicenter Study Involving the Use of An Acellular Regenerative Tissue Scaffold in the Treatment of Lower Extremity Diabetic Wounds. Advances in Skin and Wound Care. August 2008.
  • Brigido SA et al.: “Reconstruction of the Diseased Achilles Tendon using an Acellular Dermal Graft and Early Mobilization: A Preliminary Series” Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery. December 2007;6:4.
  • Brigido SA: “Use of an Acellular Regenerative Tissue Matrix in the Treatment of Lower Extremity Wounds: A 16 Week Prospective Pilot Study&rdquo International Wound Journal. September. Vol 3, Number 3.
  • Brigido SA: “Treating Debilitating Diabetic Foot Ulcers&rdquo Physicians Weekly Surgery Edition. April, 18, 2005. Vol II No 15.
  • Brigido SA: “New Treatments for Diabetic Foot Wounds”. Voice of the Diabetic. January 2005
  • Brigido, SA: “Healing Debilitating Diabetic Foot Wounds”. Orthopaedic Technology Review. Vol. 6 No. 6. 2004
  • Brigido SA, Boc SF, Lopez RC: “Effective Management of Major Lower Extremity Wounds Using an Acellular Regenerative Tissue Matrix: A Pilot Study”. Orthopedics: Vol. 27 No. 1 2004
  • Brigido SA, Berlin JM, Hillstrom HJ: “The Biomechanics of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint: Healthy and Hallux Limitus.” Proceedings of the 18th International Society of Biomechanics World Congress, 2001
  • Deroy AR, Brigido SA, Berlin JM, Fiorilli A: “Hallux Abductovalgus Treatment: The Effects of Capital Osteotomies on Static and Dynamic Foot Function Pre-and Postoperatively.” Gait and Posture, April 2001




Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, VA, Bachelor of Science, Biology, 1994 - 1998


Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, 1998 - 2002


St. Agnes Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA, Division of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Chief Resident 2003 - 2004

Services Provided

  • Ankle arthritis
  • Ankle reconstruction
  • Total ankle replacement
14 Testimonials
Pain Free After 5 Long Years of Pain!
“ Dr. Brigido was the first doctor my daughter had seen in 5 years that knew what her condition was, he was very upbeat and enthusiastic, helped her through her pain, encouraged her the entire time she was his patient, and took the extra steps necessary to ensure that her ankle healed and she is now pain free after 5 long years of pain!!!! ”
Sue C.
Dr. Brigido Changed My Life!
“ Dr. Brigido changed my life!!!!! For several years I had terrible pain in my right ankle from a previous break which never healed correctly! I saw Dr. Rossini for many years and through him I found relief for a long time. But after MANY, MANY cortisone injections, nothing helped anymore. He referred me to Dr. Brigido and after 1 visit I knew this was the right man to see!!!! He went to bat for me along with many staff members when my insurance company called this procedure "experimental" and finally the BIG LIFE CHANGING DAY ARRIVED!!!!! I was in soooo much pain the week before the procedure but from the time I got to recovery I NEVER HAD ANYMORE PAIN. From a "10" to "0". PT was great too!!!! The worst part was walking on crutches for 10 days, but now I can WALK with NOOOOOO PAIN!!!!!!! It has been almost 2 years and I finally walked on the beach (couldn't do that for about 7 years). Don't wait till later in life, get your life back now. I was 48 yrs. old but now I can do things that I didn't / couldn't do before!!!!!!Coordinated Health......THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM Of MY HEART!!!!!! ”
Lisa H.
Leg Surgery with Dr. Brigido has Improved the Quality of My Life
“ I’m nobody special. I’m not an athlete or exercise fanatic. I’m just an ordinary person who happens to be a teacher. My story started last spring when I got ambitious and started running. I joined First Strides to start moving. It was exercise and that’s supposed to make you healthier and fit. I figured it would help with the stiffness and soreness I felt every morning when I woke up. And guess what—it did. I learned to stretch and run, though not quickly. I even managed to finish two 5K races, lowering my time by over 5 minutes from the first race to the second. This was a significant improvement; the reality, however, was I was in pain and did not know why. I called up Coordinated Health. Coordinated Health is a great place. It’s a place where you are put in the hands of a team who works together to get you better. My first point of contact was with the foot and ankle center. I saw Dr. Brigido and he told me I had Achilles tendonitis and heel spurs. The good news is he knew how to fix it. He is not surgery happy and is always happy to discuss options. Physical therapy with Katie was non-invasive and improved my strength and flexibility. Unfortunately, it did not eliminate the pain and tightness I still felt. Dr. Brigido ended up doing endoscopic gastroc release and my left leg felt much better. After surgery came more physical therapy, this time with Brett and Kiira. They were incredibly patient teaching me new “tricks” to improve my strength and increase flexibility. I even got lessons on muscles and tendons in the legs. I found out where the quads and calves are. Who would know there is a right and wrong way to walk? Apparently the right way is heel, ball, toe. Then, when your face looks very intense, (I suspect Brett did this for fun) I had to walk and count backward from 100 by threes. Now, on a good day I don’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Often I have bad math days, but the point was for me to walk without thinking about it. And the neat part,--it worked and entertained anyone who listened to my version of subtraction. Brett and Kiira were incredibly patient. Every time I got comfortable doing an exercise they increased the difficulty. The best part of physical therapy was when Kiira or Brett stretched me. For some odd reason Brett said he was going to torture me, but the reality is it felt awesome! Kiira stretches patients very well and she gets the prize for best stretcher overall. I credit them for teaching me how to walk down steps correctly again. They listened to me as I told them how I felt and adjusted the physical therapy program accordingly. Sadly as my left leg got stronger the right leg got tighter. It was the Achilles tendon, one of the biggest tendons in the body. I did not get relief so I had a second surgery last week. This surgery has improved the quality of my life since it relieved the tightness that woke me up every night for over a month. To imagine how I felt, think of a guitar string which is stretched very tightly and looks like it’s going to pop. I am only 6 days out of my surgery and I feel like a new woman. I know I have physical therapy ahead of me. But I take comfort in the fact that I know Coordinated Health will be able to assist me. Most importantly, they will listen to me and help me to resume a normal, productive, and happy life. ”
Dr Brigido is the best
“ I had been limping around for a long time and I was tired of not getting any answers as into why my ankle injury was not getting any better. One visit with Dr Brigido and I had all the answers and someone who was going to fix it. The staff was very friendly and helpful they made everything so easy. Dr Brigido is the best and I would recommend him to anyone who has a need for an excellent foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon. ”
Darla H. from Stroudsburg, pa
My visit made it so i could walk again
“ Dr Brigido is a very compassionate and caring man. He replaced my ankle and I was a hard patient. I had other issues he did not want to do anymore surgery because of my past surgeries (and scared tissue). I haven't dealt wilth a doctor who was more concerned about me then lining his pocket before. Now I have 3 awesome doctors all at coordinated health. Dr brigido, Dr mazza and Dr Terpstra all have same bedside manner and I would not see any other doctors now. ”
Laura K. from Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania
Hopefully my ankle pain will b e gone and I can resume walking again
“ Went to see Dr Brigido for chronic ankle pain. I ask saw his fellow Dr. Mulhearn, what a great group of pjysicians. As a result of my visits to them I required surgery on my ankle. Surgery was performed yesterday and I currently have no pain , even all the staff at the surgery center are superb . They took such good care of me and every person was very compassionate. I can not say enough things. ”
Susan E. from Easton, PA
What a incredible surgeon
“ I went to see Dr. Brigido for chronic ankle pain. At my fist visit he did xrays and a injection which didn't help. He then ordered a MRI which showed a problem w the ligaments in my ankle. Surgery was performed on 6/3/2015 at the surgery center on Cedar Crest Blvd. From the first person I encountered there I can not say enough good things. What a talented caring staff, and this made my experience wonderful. I have had minimal pain post op which has been well controlled . I would definitely recommend this facility to friends and family. Great job!!!!!!! ”
Susan E. from Easton , PA
Dr. Brigido Gave Me My Life Back!
“ 10 years top specialists on the east coast all gave me only 1 option- Ankle Fusion. Dr. Brigido said he could take away 90% of my pain and give me 90% of my flexibility. HE DID. And I was back teaching karate and playing tennis in a short time. Thanks to him the past 5 years of my life with my daughters has been Magical! THANK YOU! ”
Bob H. from Macungie, PA
Best Experience and Care
“ What brought me into Coordinated Health was my ankle. I was having alot of pain and swelling and couldn't move my ankle without severe pain. It made my day to day activities difficult and working difficult to impossible. When I came to see Dr.Bridgido for a second opinion, he said that there was a tear in my ligament and a fracture from the MRI report. He first sent me to do physical therapy and then another MRI. After that he said he can do a minor surgical producer to help me with the pain and getme back to my activities. After the surgery and pysical therapy within 2 to 3 weeks after sugery i was walking without pain. I had no pain. He didnt stop there he sent me to get custom othotics made for my flat feet to help with me when I walk and stand for long hours. The people who supported me was my mom and my sister and of course Dr.Bridgido. Without his help i wouldn't be pain free in my ankle. THe best pain of this experience is that he helped me with my ankle and took away the pain i had, and also let me go back to work and start my day to day activities again. For that im very greatful to him. I can't thank Dr.Bridgido enough for helping me. This truley was one ofthe best doctrs experience I have had thus far. THank you. ”
Sajni P. from East Stroudsburg, PA
Coordinated Health. Better. Together.
“ The slogan is Coordinated Health. Better. Together. I think this is an appropriate slogan for me as well. I have been a patient at Coordinated Health for many ailments including Achilles’ tendon issues, tarsal tunnel syndrome, torn meniscus, partially torn ACL, and Morton’s neuroma. The first person I encountered at Coordinated Health was Dr. Brigido. When I saw Dr. Brigido for my neuroma issue I told him about no feeling in my foot. He referred me to Dr. Goldberg for acupuncture and Dr. Duffy for Grafton massage. With these doctors I gained the feeling back in my foot. Dr. Goldberg explained acupuncture and what he would be doing. It didn’t hurt and I felt more feeling in my foot after a couple treatments. Dr. Duffy did Graston massage and removed scar tissue as well as keeping me balanced. He looked at me as a whole person and not just a left foot. Unfortunately, as I was getting treated for that I partially tore my ACL. The great news is that I had acupuncture a few days later and it prevented pain from the ACL issue. Dr. Slenker, the orthopedist who treated me for the ACL, sent me for physical therapy. I have been rehabbing and have avoided surgery. Physical therapy is hard work. I had the team of Katie Pritchard and Deb. Together they helped me strengthen my muscles. They were very patient and kind while teaching me new exercises and doing Graston massage on my tight IT bands. I never knew Graston massage was part of the PT but it is makes such a great difference in loosening tightness and breaking up scar tissue. I’m happy to say I have my last day of PT today. As the slogan goes, Coordinated Health. Better. Together. Thanks for all you all have done! I feel stronger and confident I will stay healthy. If not, I will definitely be back because you have a true team that works together to make me better.Diane DeVivo ”
Diane D. from Easton, PA
Achilles Tendon Problem
“ A colleague referred me to Dr. Brigido for an Achilles tendon's problem. A car ran over my right foot and I was in very much pain. He worked his magic and I am now walking today. Thank you Dr. for everything. ”
Nancy S. from Whitehall , Pa
Never thought I’d be pain free.
“ After 8 years of issues following a fractured talus, Dr. Brigido performed a subtalar fusion on me. The surgery and recovery went perfectly, we are eternally grateful that I was referred to the very best. His clear communication and candor make him easy to trust and my results: pain free in less than 4 months after speak for his ability. I would 100% recommend for anyone who thinks they have to live with foot or ankle pain. ”
Jennifer H. from Allentown, PA
I can walk! You have saved my life!
“ I've struggled with pain in my foot and ankle for 12 years, seen 6 other podiatrists and/or doctors, yet it kept getting worse. My quality of life deteriorated as I watched my foot become more deformed each year. At the end of my rope, after praying one morning, I looked online again, trying to figure out who to see and what was wrong. I found Dr. Brigido's YouTube clip about foot surgery, and he was discussing my condition! I had the corrective surgery and am beginning to do things I haven't done in years. He is patient in answering all of my questions. ”
Janet R. from Stroudsburg, PA
Broken Ankle
“ I had Dr. Brigido repair my ankle some 10 years ago. It took two plates and many screws to repair the ankle. I have never had any problems or the slightest discomfort with my ankle. I hear how many problems other people have and I realize how fortunate I was to have Dr. Brigido for my surgery. Many times I have thought to send him a letter thanking him and the time has come. Many, many thanks to Dr. Brigido for the fine job you did. Coordinated Health is very blessed to have you. ”
Marjorie C. from Stewartsville, NJ
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