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Wayne Luchetti, MD

Chief of Staff, Chief of Surgery, Chair of Orthopedics

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Wayne Luchetti, MD
Chief of Staff, Chief of Surgery, Chair of Orthopedics
Dr. Wayne Luchetti has in-depth training in knee replacements and he specializes in all knee and shoulder surgeries.

Wayne Luchetti, MD, is chief of staff and co-chair of the Department of Orthopedics with Coordinated Health, part of Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Dr. Luchetti graduated valedictorian from King’s College with a BS in biology before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine in 1993.  He completed his orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Pennsylvania, where he published and served as co-author on multiple basic science and clinical papers.  

After residency training, Dr. Luchetti completed an in-depth sports medicine fellowship at the Southern California Center for Sports Medicine in Long Beach. The fellowship included a focused training in knee replacement surgery. Dr. Luchetti is board certified in orthopedic surgery.


Group Testimonial, Knee Replacements, Dr. Wayne Luchetti

This group of friends all had knee replacements done by Dr. Wayne Luchetti—and they all had a wonderful experience. Learn more about Dr. Luchetti here: http://bit.ly/2Hcyk8t

Posted by Coordinated Health on Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Dr. Luchetti holds the distinction of being one of the few orthopedic surgeons in the Lehigh Valley to have a Subspecialty Certificate in Orthopedic Sports Medicine from the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. He has extensive experience treating athletes at the high school and college level. Dr. Luchetti has been the team physician at Lehigh University since 2002 and also serves as the team physician at Nazareth High School.

Dr. Luchetti has in-depth training in knee replacements and specializes in all knee and shoulder surgeries. As a former athlete, Dr. Luchetti strives to return his patients back to sports as quickly and safely as possible.

Outside of the office, Dr. Luchetti is active in youth athletics as a coach for his three daughters’ numerous sports activities.



King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, B.S. Biology, 1985-1989

Medical School

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, M.D. Medicine, 1989-1993


Hospital of University of Pennsylvania,, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Surgical Internship, 1993-1994


Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, Orthopaedic Surgery Residency


Southern California Center for Sports Medicine, Long Beach, CA, Sports Medicine Fellowship with focused knee replacement surgery training

Services Provided

  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Shoulder Replacement
  • Knee Surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Lehigh University doctor
  • Nazareth Middle School and High School doctor
25 Testimonials
Coordinated Health Exceeds UMass for ACL, MCL, LCL Care
“ After blowing out my ACL, MCL, LCL and Meniscus before my senior football season at Worcester Academy in Worcester, Massachusetts, I wondered what my future would look like. Depending heavily upon recruiting to go to college, I was overcome with grief, confusion and doubt. Luckily for me, despite my injury and consequential ACL reconstruction surgery, many schools including Lehigh University still pursued me. I had my first ACL reconstruction in October of 2007, and upon completion of my rehabilitation schedule provided to me by my UMass surgeon, I would be ready to go for my first year of college football. I committed to Lehigh in late November of 2007 and was looking forward to getting back on the field in an even more competitive environment. I arrived at Lehigh in the summer before my freshman year to train with the team and go through even more rehab on my “brand new” left knee. About a month into the season, after noticing some significant instability in recent weeks, my left ACL ruptured again. And again, I faced another reconstructive surgery. After reviewing my MRI results, which I knew would reveal the bad news, Dr. Wayne Luchetti confirmed my belief. However, he also informed me that from the MRI, he deduced that the UMass surgeon who performed my first construction had made some mistakes that were most likely the root cause of my instability and eventual re-tear. At that point I was excited to get the surgery over with and just get back to playing football… again. I had my second ACL surgery at Coordinated Health’s Highland Avenue location with Dr. Luchetti in November of 2008. The disparity between my treatment at UMass and Coordinated Health was incredible. Coordinated Health’s superior post-surgery treatment was clear to me when my surgeon, Dr. Luchetti, came to my hospital room around 11pm the night of my surgery to check in on me and explain how the upcoming months would play out. Nurses came to my room what seemed like every 15 minutes to make sure I was comfortable. The chef also swung by my room to personally take my order (which consisted of scallops, green beans, clam chowder, Caesar salad and cheesecake—a much appreciated break from college food). Though at the time I didn’t really think about the excellent treatment I was getting (probably because of the morphine and the pain), I realized soon after that the nurses, therapists, surgeon and everyone else involved seemed like they were looking after me and making sure that this normally “sucky” experience was as enjoyable as possible. I had been to the Boston Children’s Hospital and various UMass Medical locations for procedures, two of the best hospitals in the country. However, I never left them feeling like I had received the amount of attention, care and expertise that I did when I crutched out of Coordinated Health’s hospital in October of 2008. After surgery, I began the long rehabilitation process yet again. They started me off with Mike Price, a physical therapist at Coordinated Health who just happened to be a fellow Mountain Hawk (Lehigh class of 1999). Working specifically with Mike and Ramon Pedraza, I not only felt like I was making progress on my knee but I also felt like I could talk to them about almost anything. The training staff always had some sort of funny debate going whether it be about sports, the office fantasy football league or oldies music trivia. Entering my sophomore year, after another long year of rehab, I was finally ready to get back on to the field and play some football. My new knee was doing well and I really only had some minor pain and soreness, nothing that wasn’t expected. Practicing for two months, trying to get back into the swing of things after over two years of no football, I felt confident that I could finally make an impact. Again, it was not meant to be. My left shoulder, which had a pre-existing injury form high school, was injured further during practice. Trying to play through it with a brace for stabilization did not work, which was really my only hope of staying active. Dr. Luchetti examined me, sent me for another MRI, and in the end, the labrum in my shoulder was torn almost entirely around. I had Labrum surgery in early January of 2010 with Dr. Luchetti at Coordinated Health and I am currently working on getting back into football shape and looking forward to the 2010 Lehigh football season. Though athletically, I have had a tough time staying healthy, the treatment and individual care I have received from Coordinated Health has made the experiences easier, simpler and more comfortable ”
Dr. Luchetti Shows Patience
“ Dr. Luchetti has been working so patiently with me for an incredibly long time. He has been understanding and sympathetic about the series of events that have drastically changed my life and inhibited my ability to work for a year. He is doing his best to get me through a very difficult time. ”
Dr. Wayne Luchetti helped get me back to being a fireman after shoulder surgery
“ Dr. Wayne Luchetti, Being 56 years old and about five years away from retirement, I was apprehensive about my shoulder surgery, as I am a professional fireman and great demand is put on your shoulders in this profession. Dr. Luchetti explained the possibilities and treatments and assured me that he would get me back to work as soon as possible. The surgery went better than expected and I feel that I am close to 100 percent. My appointments were always right on time and the time spent with him did not seem like he wanted to rush me out and move onto the next patient. I feel he is a very caring physician and would return to him for any of my orthopedic needs. ”
I Had A Very Positive Experience At CH
“ I had a very positive experience at CH, Dr. Luchetti and PT team, after having bilateral knee replacement surgery on 6/27/2012. I am back on the tennis court (12/12) and was back to work full time 9-2-12. I have referred Dr. Luchetti and CH to several friends. They have since gone to both, especially after seeing my recovery ”
Dr. Luchetti Saved My Field Hockey Career
“ When my parents brought me into your office on April 25, 2012, I was in so much pain I could not handle the 4 minute car ride from my house to your office. The pain was so excruciating, I could barely be carried into your office. I had broken my tibia in a high school soccer game, and it was literally the worst day of my life. The pain was awful, my final soccer season had come to a screeching halt, and Prom was only 10 days away. But the worst part was thinking my field hockey career was over and that I would never play for my senior year at Liberty High School or for one of the Division I colleges that were recruiting me. The future did not look bright to me at all.After putting me in a full leg cast, which I have to say was 5000 times more painful than actually breaking my leg, you assured me that I would be ready to go in time for hockey season, which was to start on August 13th. At that time I was very unsure if I would be ready, but I was determined to give 150% to get there. We had some ups and downs over the next few months. I did make it to Prom (on my fashionable crutches!) and I was out of the full leg cast in 3 weeks. I lost all of my independence. I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t get dressed by myself and I couldn’t shower by myself. When things were looking bleak to me, you always assured me that I was doing so well and that you were so pleased with my progress and how hard I was working on my recovery. You were always available when I needed you and your staff was always so kind and encouraging. All of you did everything you could to help me recover in time for field hockey season and finally on July 26th you cleared me to play!Well, in case you have not heard, hear is an update field hockey career since July 26, 2012. In early August, I verbally committed to Temple University. My Liberty High School team entered a summer tournament on August 11, which we won and did not lose a single game. We started off by beating Moravian Academy, a team Liberty had not beaten in almost ten years.We compiled a 7-2 record (6-0 conference) by September 22, 2012. On September 24, 2012,, Liberty High School  defeated Emmaus, a nationally ranked high school team who had not lost to another Lehigh Valley team since 2003, 1-0 in a thrilling overtime game. We halted a winning streak of 139 games and I played all 60 minutes of regulation and every second of the incredible 12 minutes of overtime, something I could never have accomplished with out you and your staff. I was interviewed for TV as one of the stars of the game.I just really wanted to thank you. You will never know how much of a difference you have made in my sports career and in my life. You, the staff at Co-ordinated health, and my physical therapists, helped transform me from that broken hearted kid in late April to the strong and confident athlete that helped lead her team to one of the biggest upsets LVIAC has ever seen. Your excellence in care and technology helped be not only recover, but to become stronger and more focused than I have ever been as an athlete. I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know what an important part of my life you are. ”
Dr. Luchetti Got Me Back On My Feet
“ I fell down one step on New Year's Eve and ended up breaking my ankle in 3 places. The ER didn't think I needed surgery but once Dr. Luchetti saw my xray there was no doubt in his mind that he had to operate. He and his team took such great care of me. I can't say enough about the level of care I received at their hospital. A nurse was always there when I needed something. Dr. Luchetti, THANK YOU so very much for all that you did to get me back up and on my feet. The physical therapists were fantastic and so was all of your staff! I would highly recommend CH and Dr. Luchetti!! ”
Dr. Wagener and staff…AWESOME!
“ I started a new job in July 2012. One day at the end of August I woke up with terrible shoulder/neck pain. I avoided the issue not wanting to take time from a new job and look bad. Fortunately for me I have an awesome boss who saw my condition deteriorating quickly and intensely. By the last week in September I was in such horrific pain in the shoulder/neck but had lost all feeling and function in my right arm and hand. She personally called Dr. Luchetti to set up an appointment for me. I was seen that afternoon but Dr. Luchetti knew immediately it was not my shoulder. He was sure it was my neck. He sent me for an MRI that afternoon and got me an appointment with Dr. Wagener for the following Tuesday, October 2, 2012. I never made the October 2nd appointment. Upon review of my MRI Dr. Wagener called me personally to inform me that he needed to see me that day. That was Friday, September 28th. He advised me that I needed emergency surgery to fix 3 herniated discs in my neck. The debris from the damaged discs was creating all of the pain and paralysis and if he did not do the surgery soon the paralysis could become permanent. He said if he had a room he would do the surgery today. I was the very first surgery performed on Monday, October 1, 2012. I woke up from surgery completely pain free (and I stress completely). I gained all function and most feeling back within weeks. Thanks to the AWESOME team of Doctors and the wonderful hospital staff at Coordinated Health Hospital of Allentown, I was back to health and returned to my desk job within a week. According to Dr. Wagener that is unheard of but when you work for a great organization and a wonderful boss who truly cares you want to get back to work and back to a normal life. I recommend Dr. Luchetti and his team and Dr. Wagener and his team to anyone in need of their services. ”
Joelle O. from Palmer, PA
Dr Luchetti does great ACL surgery
“ He operated on my right knee in 2010 when I was student at Lehigh. Quick recovery and great results. The knee never bothered me a bit.  ”
Gaurav G. from Greenwood, SC
Experience from ACL replacement
“ I was a 67 year old who ruptured the acl tendon in my left knee. Dr. Luchetti thought that my age may hinder recovery so I may not be back to the sport I love, tennis for up to a year. Well thanks to his skilled hands and knowledge, I am back on court in a little less than 8 months(with some restrictions). I cannot express in words enough gratitude to him and the rehab team of Brett Werkheiser and his assistant Stephanie. Words are not enough to relay not only the professional care that I received but the personal care above and beyond expectations. I am forever indebted to Coordinated Health for the service and care that I received from everyone from the Surgeon to the receptionists. Thank God for what you provided to me and even though I don't expect injuries, I would not hesitate to return or recommend CH for return to healthy life styles. Again, Thank You ”
Frank H. from Pen Argyl, PA
“ Suffering for almost 4 years back and forth to Drs, I finally came and saw Dr Luchetti, as he saw me walking he said its your hip,,,,prior to other Drs they were doing MRIs of my back, pelvis ect and I, unable to walk without excrutiating pain in the groin they were giving me different medications for almost 3 years, this pain affected my ADLs Dr Luchetti immediately took a bilateral xray of my hips and sure enough he showed me the results I was bone to bone on my right hip,,,,,he said he suggested I have THR , I was hesitant , but, Dr Luchetti went over every detail before and after the surgery To Make a long story short Dr Luchetti is my second God,,,,I had my THR 1/7/15 and was able to come home 2 days later,,, this is march 13 today for the past Month I am Independent, NO PAIN in the groin I am able to walk with out limping or pain for the first time in 4 years I had some Rehab and the Rehab team is Excellent hands on exercised at home and Yes 2015 here I come;; I feel like a new person thank you Dr Luchetti for being who you are, mary Niosi ”
Mary N. from Eaststroudsburg, PA
How was your experience
“ The care, support, and concern from DR. Luchetti helped me deal with my issues. He encouraged me to do PT with Michael Price and promised I would feel better in time. Everyone at CH and Dr. Goffredo Hughes, from the moment I entered the doors to my PT, were pleasant and kind. Mike Price ,my therapist , was so very patient and encouraging also. He is the best. ”
Joanne M. from Pen Argyl, PA
I can now walk without pain.
“ My sister had her knees replaced by Dr. Luchetti. She had a very good outcome. In knowing this, I knew I wanted him to do my hip replacement surgery. I was diagnosed in 2009 with a bad hip. Dr. Stoll has given me injections to calm my back pain and hip pain. It was unbearable for me to walk or do my job. And I love walking, and i could no longer do. So 4 yrs. later, I was finally ready for Dr. Luchetti to replace my hip. I had a good experience. They gave me all the information needed as to what would happen before and after my surgery that eased my fears. My husband supported me. The best part of my hip replacement surgery is I love how I can walk around with no pain in my left hip. It feels great. I'm ready for a new right hip and knee and only Dr. Luchetti will do. ”
Rosanne H. from Hamburg , Pa
My life changing experience
“ After tearing my ACL during an AAU basketball game, a college coach who happened to be watching the game, called Coordinated Health to make sure that I got in the next day to see a doctor. Having clear dreams of being a division one athlete, I was faced with the harsh reality that I now had a huge obstacle to get through before I could even be back on the court. Tearing my ACL during prime recruiting season caused many of my top schools to back out. Seeing my dream slowly slip away, only pushed me to work harder so that I could get back faster. My parents were my biggest supporters as well as all of my friends and teammates. After five and a half months, I was back on the court doing what I love. Eventually, I got a full scholarship to play division one basketball at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. ”
Abigail O. from Bethlehem, PA
“ Dr. Luchetti replaced by right hip 6 weeks ago and today with the help of my therapist , Mike, I have been discharged by both the doctor and therapist. Yea! Mike told me that I was the second person that he has worked with who completed therapy in 6 weeks. ”
Phyllis W. from Bethlehem, PA
Surgery and rehab
“ Dr. Luchetti had performed a total knee replacement on my husband a few years ago, so when I had knee pain, I went to him for a diagnosis in December. My knee was bad enough (full of arthritis) that he was willing to do the surgery at any time; but I wasn't in a great deal of pain yet. However, I decided to have the surgery as soon as possible rather than wait until I was in agony and couldn't walk, as my husband had done. My surgery was on Monday February 16. I was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday February 18 and started physical therapy on Friday February 20. and was discharged by the doctor and Mike Price after 8 weeks. Dr. Luchetti is not only an excellent surgeon; but a very caring doctor. He and his staff were always quick to return my phone calls and made it known they were there for me if I needed something. Mike Price is an excellent therapist. He is knowledgeable, willing to listen to his patients, and always there to help when needed. When Mike was not there, Ramon took over and provided the same excellent and caring attention. Surgery is not pleasant; but my experience with both surgery and rehab was very positive and I would recommend Dr. Luchetti as well as Mike and Ramon to anyone needing joint replacement and/or some sort of rehab. ”
Lynn M. from Bethlehem, PA
“ I was referred to Dr. Luchetti by a friend. He was hesitant on doing both knees at the same time. I kinda insisted that I wanted them both done. He agreed to do it after a warning that it wouldn't be easy on me. He did a fantastic job, not only the replacement, but made my leg straight again. I can't praise him enough how it has changed me. I can walk, stoop, climb without any pain. Thanks again. I have referred several of my friends to him. He is an asset to Coordinated Health. Wayne S. Butler ”
Wayne S. B. from Bangor, Pa
100% Again!
“ As a competitive power lifter, we tend to push the limits of what the human body can endure. During a workout I exceeded those limits on a bench press and completely ruptured my pectoral tendon.It’s now almost 3 years later and at the age of 50, I’m back into competing and doing it at the top level I previously was at. There is no way I could have continued to perform at this level without Dr. Luchetti’s fine craftsmanship. ”
David B. from Saylorsburg , pa
The great care I received at the hospital on Highland Avenue
“ I had total hip replacement on November 28th at your wonderful hospital. I was so happy to see such a clean and professionally run hospital. The nurses and physical therapist that worked with me were wonderful caring people. They took care of my every need no matter what that was. From the start in pre surgery to the people who served me food. You were all terrific and I will always recommend Dr. Luchetti and the staff at Coordinated Health. You made my hip surgery a breeze. And that matters in this day and age. Thank you all so much. ”
Russell F. from Saylorsburg, Pa
My surgery turned into a career goal
“ After severing my ACL completely, Dr. Luchetti replaced mine with a cadaver and I had an extremely fast recovery. He is the reason I want to become an orthopedic surgeon.  ”
Maria G. from Bethlhem, PA
He made my experience easy
“ I tore my ACL and my meniscus. Dr. Luchetti was thorough and quick to repair my knee and did an excellent job. My knee is healing great with zero problems. I would recommend him every time without hesitation.   ”
Joanmarie B. from Bethlehem, pa
Great experience
“ Dr. Luchetti performed a total replacement of my right knee four weeks ago on Novermeber 6, 2017. Dr. Luchetti explained the procedure thoroughly beforehand and I felt completely confident going in to the surgery. The nursing staff at the Highland Avenue facility (where Dr. Luchetti performed the knee replacement) was beyond excellent. Patty, Chris (a male nurse) and Jen took great care of me and were very attentive. High recommendations! ”
Jay V. from Bangor, PA
There was serious doubt he could play basketball again
“ From the first visit,,when the knee was drained for pain relief.. through the surgery.. to the physical therapy.. everyone was great. After being on crutches for nearly 5 months and another year of rehab...Our son is now back playing full time at Arcadia University with no restrictions... thanks,, ”
PHillip P. from Glenside, PA
“ I want to thank you for the procedure that you performed on my ankle. I have not had any problems with it at all. Thanks again.  ”
Wayne B. from Bangor, Pa
Amazing experience
“ Dr. Luchetti replaced by right hip a few years ago, and I was up and walking without help, or pain pills, in a matter of a few days. He replaced by left hip a few months ago. I was walking without pain, and without even a cane, the very next day. I never needed rehab on either! Diane Schultz ”
Diane S. from Alpha, NJ
Able to walk pain free
“ Dr Luchetti is not only a great surgeon but wonderful kind man. Had my second knee replacement done by him. I am 6 weeks out now, released from physical therapy walking pain free. He is not a Dr. that is quick to do surgery, he tries alternatives first but will be up front and honest about whatever condition you are dealing with. He listens to your complaints and gives you the options that he thinks are best suited for you to have a positive outcome. I highly recommend him . I'm looking forward to walking, biking, gardening and dancing, pain free. Back to living again. ”
Joyce C. from Catasauqua, PA
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